Stay Stylish but Pack Light – Why a Versatile Wrap Dress Is Perfect for Travelers

Tweet One of the hardest parts about packing when traveling is balance: bring everything you need, but keep it light and manageable. By everything you need, I mean just that – enough to last you for the duration of your […]

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Top Travel Destinations in the World for Casino Lovers

Tweet Do you love casinos? It might not even be the gambling, but the shows and atmosphere that draws you there. But if you do, you’re probably wondering what the best destination for a such a vacation might be. The […]


Why I no longer care if people visit Romania for Dracula

Tweet Fair warning: this might be a quite lengthy essay!  When I was younger, I was royally pissed by the fact that most people came to Romania thinking of vampires and associating Vlad Tepes with Count Dracula. Bran Caslte, one […]

Visiting Bran Castle, Bran, Romania

Day Hike: Jepii Mari Trail, Busteni

Tweet I would call myself outdoorsy. A bit daring, I know, but judging by the fact that I did spend three days in a tent, somewhere in the mountains, running around at an airsoft event, I’d say I could make […]


Cişmigiu Gardens, the Oldest Park in Bucharest

Tweet Cişmigiu Gardens or Cişmigiu Park is the one that’s dearest in the writer in me. It’s the most posh of the Bucharest parks, something that has been carefully put together, with romantic alleys, an artificial lake with a fountain in […]

Cismigiu Gardens Bucharest

Shark Tourism Will Outplay Shark Soup in Revenues

Tweet Good news for sharks and those trying to keep them from getting killed to have their fins turned into soup. A new study shows that shark eco-tourism will be worth a lot more than shark fisheries. If profit is […]

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Airplane Bathrooms Keep Getting Better

This post was initially published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on December 21, 2015


As the luxury travel market continues to expand, the trend is influencing all facets of travel, from hotel rooms to airport lounges. Airlines are particularly interested in improving their amenities on offer in order to compete with each other and win the favor of passengers—and in the process, they’re leaving no stone unturned.

In the quest to deliver the most pleasant airplane experience around, airlines are paying increased attention to all the details on board, and that includes restroom facilities. While economy passengers probably won’t see significant bathroom upgrades any time soon, those fortunate enough to fly business or first class accommodations are in for some pleasant surprises. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best innovations in airplane bathrooms to date. Read more…

Budget Hotels in London Victoria for Business Travel

When you are traveling on business you may not spend a great deal of time in your hotel room but you still want to know that the place you are returning to each night is going to provide you with a clean and comfortable room for you to relax in. You want a room that has the amenities that you need the most and a hotel that has a courteous and helpful staff should you need assistance with anything. You might also want to select a hotel that is going to be close to the public transit system so you can make use of the train or bus to get back and forth to the offices you need to visit each day. If you want all of these features you will find that among the budget hotels in London Victoria that Sidney Hotel is the one to offer them all to you.


The Perfect Spot for the Business Traveler

Sidney Hotel is ideal for any business traveler coming to Central London. Whether you are just staying in the city for a night or have a stay of a week or longer this hotel can provide you with the comfortable place you are seeking at a price that is right for your budget. The hotel is in Central London and within walking distance of major public transit stations like Victoria Station so that you can get around the city with ease. Each room at the hotel is nicely decorated and equipped with the amenities you want the most, like comfortable bedding, flat screen television, Internet access, and workspace for you and more. Read more…

Stefan Tweraser, exGoogle Germany Exec, Is Now the CEO of SnapShot Hotel Analytics

In some interesting news just in, the Austrian hotel analytics startup SnapShot GmbH has named Ex-Googler Dr. Stefan Tweraser its CEO. What makes the news so interesting, is it’s the first time we’ve heard tell of a Google exec at this level bolstering a hospitality startup. SnapShot, for those unsaware, is the Berlin based startup that just received €25 million in investment from Chinese hotel IT giant, Shiji Networks.


Dr. Tweraser, who was formerly the head of Google in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, take the help of a company many experts predict will “go places” interjecting cutting edge tech into the dinosaur legacy systems hotels now use to collect, store and process data. Tweraser is all in the news today evangelizing SnapShot’s potential for what he calls an industry “ripe for revolution.” Whether or not SnapShot will be the “Napoleon” of this hotel uprising remains to be seen, but if hoteliers are telling the story, a revolution of some kind is sorely needed. The current level of competition being what it is, it’s certain mobile, digital, analytics and more all have to power up the back end of hospitality businesses these days.   Read more…

Budget Hotels in London Victoria to Save You Money

Millions of people each year take the opportunity to come to London to enjoy all that the city has to offer. If you have always wanted to see London now can be the ideal time for you to start planning a trip. While the city is fantastic and gives you all kinds of opportunities of things to see and do, many people may put off a trip to London because they feel they cannot afford to stay right in the city. Traveling to a large city like London can be pricey for many people, but if you do some investigating of your own you can find great deals, particularly on your hotel stay. You can find cheap and budget hotels near Victoria Station that fit nicely into any budget so you have the perfect place to stay in London.

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Places to Look For

When you first start looking for a budget accommodation in London Victoria you are likely going to come upon many different options. You will want to do a little more investigating instead of simply booking the first hotel that comes along that has the cheapest price. You not only want your hotel to be affordable for you but you want it to offer a clean and comfortable place for you to stay. You also want to be sure that it has an attentive staff on hand to assist you with any needs you might have. Finally, you ideally want to find a hotel that keeps you close to the public transportation in the city so that you can easily get to the trains or buses to get around to everywhere you want to go. Among all of the budget hotels in Victoria you will find that the Victoria Inn London has everything you are looking for. Read more…

The Best New Flight Routes in 2016

This post was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on January 5, 2016.


It’s not just the internet and smartphones that are bringing the world closer together. Airlines are expanding and adding more non-stop routes to their schedules, making it easier to get from A to B. In the new year, London residents will be able to fly direct to Crete and Biarritz on British Airways, and the United States and Canada will be easier to transverse with new flights from Air Canada. But the real stars of 2016 are the new long haul flights, the best of which are featured below. Read more…

Best Hotels to Enjoy Your Newport Beach Californian Holiday

If a seaside and sandy beach holiday is what you’re planning on, then Newport Beach is definitely one of the Californian destinations you need to consider this year. A beach community made up of seaside towns, each with their own style and charm, Newport Beach is a great choice if you’re looking for variety, both in accommodation and entertainment during your trip. Here’s a list of Newport Beach hotels and resorts to accommodate your dream holiday:

Newport Beach

Photo by Sunny Varghese via

Balboa Bay Resort

This private marina resort features beach-inspired decor with balconies and rattan elements adorning the rooms. Balboa Bay Resort welcomes guests with bamboo beds, great views, high-tech in-room entertainment, and a large outdoor area. If you really want to be extravagant, try the 3,000-square-foot Presidential Suite, which will make you feel on top of the world. If you want to venture outside the resort, the air museum and the nearby art museum are a great idea. Or, you can explore the theaters and beaches nearby. Read more…

2015’s Most Instagrammed Destinations

This post was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on December 27, 2015


Instagram’s more than 400 million users share over 80 million images a day—and many of those photos feature stellar travel destinations. To date, 353 million pieces of content on the social media site relate to travel.

Many of those photos include tagged locations; industry intelligence site Skift recently used this data to compile a list of the most geotagged travel destinations on Instagram. Still thinking about where to book next year’s vacation? Give any of these popular (and photo-worthy) locales a try. Read more…