Most Popular Sport In Seven Large Countries

Most Popular Sport In Seven Large Countries

The NFL odds for any given game are available year-round, but that doesn’t mean that people throughout the world are looking for them. Even though the NFL can be viewed worldwide, there are other sports that garner more attention in select countries.

Most of the top professional sports that are popular in the United States now have a big following in other countries as well. Sports help bring people from different backgrounds together, but there are always some sports that are more popular. Here is a look at some of the biggest countries throughout the world and what sports are most popular in each location.

United States: Football

When it comes to the United States, it’s pretty clear as to which sport is the most popular. It might not be the most played sport, but football is the sport that generates the most attention and brings the most enjoyment. Search for NFL lines has turned into a massive hobby for football fans that are old enough to wager, and the growing sports betting industry has made the sport even more popular. This title used to belong to baseball, but both NFL and college football are much more popular with US citizens.

China: Basketball

China is a country that has a ton of popular sports, but one has emerged as a recent leader. Basketball is the most popular sport in the country of China, and Yao Ming is one of the biggest reasons why.

When Ming came into the NBA and found a ton of success, he helped to grow the league in his home country. That popularity has continued to grow in recent years, and it has turned the country into a basketball frenzy.

Germany: Soccer/Football

Germany is a country that enjoys plenty of different sports, but there is only one that could be considered the most popular. That title would belong to soccer or football, as it is called by the citizens of that country.

Most Popular Sport In Seven Large Countries

There are some terrific soccer leagues over in Germany, and some of the best players in the history of the sport have played in that country.

Russia: Soccer/Football

Russia is a country that is known for its success and accomplishments in gymnastics, but that’s not the most popular sport in the country. The one sport that most can agree on in Russia is soccer, and it’s called football over there as well. There aren’t as many high-profile leagues in Russia as there are in other countries, but the sport is still played at a high level throughout the country.

Japan: Baseball

Baseball used to be America’s pastime, but that is no longer the case. Likewise, the sport might not be the pastime of Japan, but it is now the most popular sport in that country by a wide margin.

Most Popular Sport In Seven Large Countries

There are some high-profile leagues that are played in Japan, and several former MLB players travel over to Japan to play each year. You can also see plenty of talent from Japan in MLB every year, and it’s a huge part of the culture of that country.

Canada: Hockey

The Vegas NFL odds are still important to the people in Canada, and the NFL remains a popular sport in that country. It’s not the most popular, though, as hockey clearly takes the top spot and has since the sport was invented. One of the biggest reasons that hockey is the most popular sport is the fact that there are a number of NHL teams located in Canada. The Canadian weather also screams hockey, and kids are able to play hockey outdoors at a very early age in this country.

India: Cricket

Cricket is a sport that not many people throughout the world know about, but it’s easily the most popular sport in the country of India. The people in India are crazy about the sport of cricket, and it’s played at an extremely high level. Cricket is a sport that is similar to baseball, except there are some interesting rules that can be hard to follow. However, that’s not the problem in India, and this is a sport that is played starting at a very young age in that country.