CONMEBOL Announces Copa America Teams Can Have 26 Players


CONMEBOL has announced that teams in the 2024 Copa America can now have 26 players instead of 23.

This change was confirmed after a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. If you like football and want to bet on it, the best platform to do this is GGBet. It offers safe services, plenty of betting options, as well as a convenient GGBet app.

CONMEBOL also said that all 26 players could be included in the matchday squad if teams reduced the number of staff on the bench.

“The total number of people allowed on the bench during a match, including both players and staff, will remain at 23,” stated CONMEBOL.

“If a team wants to have 26 players (11 on the field and 15 on the bench), they can only have 8 staff members on the bench. There can be up to 15 substitute players on the bench and at least 7.”

Copa America: the Main Facts

The Copa America is run by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL). The tournament first took place in 1916. It’s the oldest international continental competition.

All CONMEBOL national teams participate in Copa America:












Since 1993, two teams from other regions, usually from North and Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF), have been invited. In 2024, 10 CONMEBOL teams and six CONCACAF teams will compete.

The current champion is Argentina, who beat Brazil 1-0 in the July 2021 final with a goal by Angel Di Maria. Argentina and Uruguay both have 15 Copa America titles, the most in the tournament’s history. Want to place a bet on a winner at Copa America? is a reliable platform for betting. It offers plenty of events to bet on, cool bonuses, and fast withdrawals.

The 2024 Copa America will be held from June 20 to July 14 in 14 USA cities:





●East Rutherford

●Kansas City (Kansas)

●Kansas City (Missouri)

●Miami Gardens




●Santa Clara



Originally, the tournament was set to be in Ecuador, but it was moved to the USA in January 2023 after Ecuador declined to host.


Argentina is the top pick to win the 2024 Copa America. Uruguay, coached by Marcelo Bielsa, and Brazil are also strong contenders. Despite Neymar’s injury, Brazil still has a strong team. Additionally, the USA, Colombia, and Ecuador are expected to perform well and could advance far in the tournament.

To Sum Up

The 2024 Copa America promises to be an exciting tournament. 10 CONMEBOL teams and six from CONCACAF will participate. 14 US cities will host the tournament, marking a significant event in international football. Argentina, the defending champions, and Uruguay are strong favorites. Brazil is also in contention despite Neymar’s injury. The competition will see fierce rivalries and high-level play, demonstrating the best of South American football. Teams like the USA, Colombia, and Ecuador can provide surprises, making this tournament particularly unpredictable. As the oldest continental competition, Copa America continues to captivate fans worldwide with its rich history and spectacular matches.