Shooting Range in Krakow – Why Is It Worth Trying Shooting With Firearms?

Shooting Range in Krakow

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hold a gun in your hands, hear the sound of a gunshot and smell the smoke? What’s it like to feel like a game or movie character? A visit to the shooting range in Krakow will allow you to fulfill your dreams and feel like your favorite hero. This does not mean, however, that you have to be a firearms lover to have fun while visiting the shooting range in Krakow.

How is The Visit to The Shooting Range in Krakow Going?

If we want to go to the shooting range in Krakow, we do not have to prepare ourselves. However, it is worth taking care of appropriate clothing that does not restrict movement.

Comfortable and stable footwear. Remember that you must be sober when visiting the gun range in Krakow; this is especially important for people who are participants in stag and hen parties. We start our shooting adventure with training conducted by professional and experienced instructors. Each visitor to the shooting range receives protective glasses and headphones because safety is the most important thing.

Which Shooting Range in Krakow to Choose?

Cracow is home to a popular and willingly chosen by locals and visitors shooting range – Cracow Shooting Academy. It is located at 16 Jana Surzycki Street, so getting there by public transport from the center is not a problem. Free parking is also available for guests. What will distinguish this shooting range in Poland? Perfect location, a modern facility, a huge selection of weapons, and a trained team that willingly shares their knowledge and experience. At the Cracow Shooting Academy, we will find a large selection of weapons – short, long, and historical. Everyone will find something for themselves, and the instructors at the shooting range will tell you more about its history and use. History buffs will appreciate the selection of weapons from various periods all the way back to World War I!

Who Will Like a Visit to The Shooting Range?

Shooting Range in Krakow - Why Is It Worth Trying Shooting With Firearms?

A visit to the gun range in Krakow is an entertainment that will satisfy everyone, regardless of age and gender. This is the perfect time to test our accuracy and develop various skills and maybe a new passion. A visit to the shooting range is a good opportunity not only to free yourself from stress and negative emotions but also to exercise precision, composure, and control over your own body. A visit to the shooting range in Krakow is an excellent choice for a date, meeting with friends, stag and hen parties, and an integration event. Can we take children to the gun range in Krakow? There are no contraindications and no minimum age, but it is recommended that children start their shooting adventure at the age of 11/12. This way, they can practice discipline, coordination, and responsibility. In this way, we also teach children a responsible attitude towards weapons.

Is The Cracow Shooting Academy The Shooting Range in Krakow?

Shooting Range in Krakow - Why Is It Worth Trying Shooting With Firearms?

Cracow Shooting Academy is a Krakow shooting range that is appreciated by amateurs and experienced shooters. This is a great place where you can learn to shoot as well as handle a gun. Do you want to acquire shooting experience, or maybe you are looking for an extreme shooting range in Krakow? Cracow Shooting Academy is the place for you! Choose one of the packages, book a convenient date, and have fun.