The Stunning Reasons to Ski In Switzerland

Ski Switzerland

If you’re planning to hit the slopes for a ski holiday, the first thing you need to do is decide where you’re going to go. The French Alps might be the first place that comes to mind for many but the world’s best ski resorts are spread out across a diverse range of destinations – including Austria, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and many more.

Another top destination is Switzerland and, while the Swiss Alps don’t quite get as much attention as some of their European neighbours, they have a unique character that makes for some of the best skiing experiences you’ll find across the globe.

Switzerland has some of the best slopes in the world

We may as well start with the point that matter most for any ski holiday: the quality of the slopes you have to choose from. Switzerland has got you covered on this one with hundreds of slopes scattered across one of the most scenic ski locations on Earth. The quality of Swiss slopes attracts top skiers and snowboarders while the country hosts a number of major tournaments every year at its renowned resorts.

You’ve got a diverse mix of resorts for skiers at all levels and holidays off different kinds, too.

For the best powder, you can head to Andermattor get a feel for the slopes at Villars, which is geared more towards beginners.Intermediates can hone their skills at Davos and talented skiers have the trickier slopes of Verbier to test their abilities. Verbier is also a great choice for luxury ski holidays as it contains all of Val de Bagnes most luxurious chalets, while Zermatt offers fantastic scenery and a bustling night scene if you’re in the mood for partying after a session o the slopes.

Switzerland’s stunning scenery is unrivalled

Ask the experts and they’ll probably tell you Switzerland is the most stunning ski destination. Home to Zermatt, the country’s most famous ski resort, which boasts incredible views of the world’s most photogenic mountain, Switzerland combines some of the best resorts on the circuit with unbeatable scenery.

Last year, CNN ranked the 10 prettiest ski resorts in Europe and Switzerland dominated the list with Zermatt, Grimentz and Wengen taking the top three spots and Saas-Fee also ranking in seventh place.

More than just a skiing destination

Of course, skiing is going to be your priority on this kind of holiday but there’s only so much time you can spend on the slopes every day. As soon as the boots come off you’re going to want a hearty meal, somewhere to relax and a nice place to enjoy a drink or two – whether it’s a warm cup of something or a glass of your favourite tipple.

Chances are you’re also going to need at least one day off from the intense workout of the slops and this is when you really appreciate a resort that has more to offer than powder. Aside from the natural beauty that defines Swiss ski resorts, Switzerland’s rich culture comes alive in the winter months and there’s no shortage of events to keep you entertained.

You can get good value in Switzerland too

Switzerland has a reputation for being expensive and, while there are plenty of luxury options to choose from, you can get value for money if you know where to go. Grimentz, Zinal, St Luc and Chandolin in the Val d’Anniviers are the obvious choices, where prices are roughly 25 per cent cheaper than Switzerland’s most famous resorts.

You’ll also find some of the country’s more traditional and charming towns in these locations. With less focus on luxury, these ski destinations have held onto their Swiss roots and you can enjoy a stronger sense of culture beyond the slopes.