Get Your Suitcase Ready! Top Travel Destinations in September

Veligandu island

Who said that once the warm, lazy summer months are over there are no more chances for travelling? September offers avid travelers the opportunity to explore different destinations taking advantage of days are not that cold in the northern hemisphere yet and not necessarily hot under the Equator either.

At Bonzah we are convinced that with such a large world under your feet, you’ve no excuses not to get your suitcase ready for the most interesting, amazing and surprising travel experience! Besides, with most children back at school, you can rest assured that even some of the most popular destinations are much less crowded than in the high season.

Ibiza & Formentera

Ibiza and Formentera are great holiday places in September. Beach and party lovers can still enjoy hot  temperatures during the day and clubbing all night but they can avoid crowds and prices in general are usually much more affordable. Even some of the most popular beach restaurants allow you to grab a table and choose your plate without having booked a seat previously.

In other words, September offers travelers the best of both worlds to Formentera’s and Ibiza’s tourists: stunning beaches and the craziest nightlife


Once that the monsoon season is over, rain starts to clear in September and Maldives receives tourists with some rainfall and warm temperatures. Go on a scavenger hunt for a bargain in this idyllic location. You’ve got great chance of landing a couple of weeks in a luxurious over water villa! Or you may end up enjoying your holidays in a high-end resort for just a fraction of the usual cost.

For those who have been there, Maldives is paradise on Earth, With pristine waters, white-sandy beaches and stunning and top of the notch hospitality services, this archipelago welcomes you in the ninth month of the year.


Are you an adventurous traveler? Do you feel ready to follow the unbeaten path? If so, Uzbekistan, in central Asia, can be your ideal holiday destination. It is relatively unknown, it has a rich and interesting past and it will steal your heart with its distinctive cultural traits.

Uzbekistan welcomes tourists with its rich history related to the Ancient Silk Road, its ornate Islamic architecture  and its cosmopolitan cities.

The Registan, in Tajik, used to be Samarkand’s commercial centre and plaza. Its three medressas are a clear proof of how crafted their builders were. Bukhara, considered the holiest city in Central Asia, offers travelers with one of the best opportunities to observe what the pre Russian Turkestan was like. History and art lovers shouldn’t miss booking an English guided tour through the Savitsky Museum. You’ll be at awe with its over 90 thousand artifacts and more than 15 thousand paintings.


Spending some time in Boston in September opens the door for travelers to enjoy the theater season. The city is proud of its several theaters so it won’t be hard for you to find a play or show that you’ll really enjoy. During the day, as the weather gets chillier, travelers may probably feel more comfortable taking part in indoor activities.

Fortunately, Boston offers an interesting assortment of museums such as the Museum of African American History, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library, Otis House, Boston Museum of Arts or the Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum.


Located in the Indian Ocean, on the Swahili Coast, adjacent to Tanganyika, Zanzibar is an exotic destination that will surprise most travelers. Beach lovers will fall in love with the salt-white sand, and the ocean toned in electric blue! But Zanzibar offers much more than just awesome beaches! It’s a land filled with culture and history.

Stone Town, with its Arabic-style buildings is the heart of Zanzibar and an attraction you shouldn’t miss. You can spend hours on end wandering around its picturesque streets. The Palace Museum or Sultan’s Palace is really interesting! In the evening, you can grab something to eat at Forodhani market, where you can find local produce, grilled fish, vegetables and delicious seafood options in an energetic atmosphere.

Jozani Forest is the last indigenous forest left on Zanzibar and it invites you to see some amazing trees!

Those interested in history will enjoy a half-hour trip to Prison Island to have a glimpse into the island’s dark past as it used to be a place where slaves were detained and, later one, where sick people with deadly diseases were sent. Today, you’ll be welcomed by giant tortoises.


Peru offers sporty travelers some of the most attractive trekking trails and September is one of the best times of the year to put your walking skills to the test. Clear sunny days invite you to enjoy many breathtaking views of the Andes! The world-famous Inca Trail is only one of the many trekking expeditions you can make! Foodies will be able to enjoy the delicious Peruvian dishes such as ceviche or chupin.


Located in the heart of the European continent and with a past related to music, princesses, Vienna is also famous for its delicious wine. Visiting Vienna in September allows tourists to take interesting walking tours and explore many of the Austrian vineyards nearby. It’s the harvest season and many winemakers open the doors of their production centers so that travelers can see with their own eyes how the Austrian wine is made.

Amongst the must-see attractions in Vienna we can mention: The Hofburg or Imperial Hofburg Palace, Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens, the Spanish Riding School, St Stephen’s Cathedral or the Belvedere Palace.


If going on a safari has been on your radar for quite a time now, you probably know that Zimbabwe is one of the top destinations for such experience. There are fantastic lodges, various national parks and, of course, the stunning and overwhelming Victoria Falls. September is a great month to travel to Zimbabwe. Rains are rare and wildlife gathers around the watering holes. Get ready to spot  herds of elephants and take pictures of some of the Big Five!


September, with its last warm days, is a great time to spend some days in the Windy City. The Chicago Jazz Festival features interesting local and national artists and it is a nice excuse to visit Chicago. Besides, now that students are back at school, the city’s many museums are less crowded so it’s more comfortable to visit and enjoy some of Chicago’s museums: the Shedd Aquarium, the Science and Industry Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Adler Planetarium or the Children’s Museum.