5 Cold-Weather Packing Essentials


The one thing that I hate the most about traveling in winter is the packing. Packing during winter means a lot of luggage with not that many items. Each coat or dress takes up the space of ten t-shirts and shorts for summer. That might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but lugging around bulky luggage is no party.

1. Pack the Right Materials

Like I mentioned, I am a light-packer. Having a lot of luggage is not only uncomfortable but also makes me anxious to the point that it takes away the fun from my holiday. Even then, picking the right material is more important than wanting to make do with a carry-on.

Pack clothes made from fleece, wool, or Thinsulate. Cotton is a no-no because it absorbs moisture and sweat keeping your clothes cold so avoid anything cotton.

2. Bring Layers

During cold weather, only one layer of clothing isn’t going to cut it. So, make sure to pack layering options. If you are going to visit a place where the weather quickly changes, then light layering is the best option because it will protect you when it is cold and you can strip off the layers when the climate turns warm.

3. Bring Multi-Use Items

Because warm clothes are big, bulky, and take more space, it isn’t possible to carry many clothing options. It is a good idea to carry clothes that can be worn, without washing, more than once. This also helps the issue of clothes not drying in winter.

You also need to carry clothes that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits so that you can have a bigger wardrobe choice from just a few items. Other than that carry clothes like wrap dresses and skirts that can be worn in different ways and can also be used for layering.

4. Pack the Right Shoes

Shoes are one of the most essential items to have during winter. Inappropriate shoes can make your feet swell from cold and go numb to the point that there are good chances of getting frostbite.

Choose shoes that insulated, waterproof, and warm. If the place you are going to gets ice on the roads and sidewalks, then it is important to choose shoes that provide great traction and are able to withstand salt that will be there to melt the frozen ice puddles. Boots combat the cold very well as they are designed with multiple layers of thermal insulation to keep feet warm, protect against rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation.

5. Bring Medicines for Common Winter Issues

Cold and flu are the most common reasons for you to feel down during the winter season, so catching them during a holiday has more chances. Pack medicines for common travel ailments like upset stomach, fever relief, body aches, cold, cough, and congestion.

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Final Thoughts

Cold-weather packing is all about getting the right items depending on how extreme the weather conditions are in your destination. Right footwear, clothing, and medicines are the basic essentials that you can’t miss when packing to combat the cold.