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Europe adventure

Five Places to Visit while Backpacking across Europe

An adventure filled with memories is all we seek—traveling, filling the soul with new enlightenment. Traveling solo and light has been the new go-to medium ...
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Virtual Travel now a Reality

The idea of traveling recently has been walking to the kitchen en route the living ...
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The Middle Eastern Dubai

Middle East. What’s the one thing that you think if when you picture the Middle East? Well, ...
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Travel During Quarantine

2020 has your travel plans hacked?! Well, don’t worry. I’ve got your back! With the pandemic spreading ...
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Traveling During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Traveling has always been risky whether you choose to travel to your home country or abroad. Your happy trip to your dream destination could ...
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5 Germiest Things You Will Encounter On Airplanes

If you are anything like me and are always on the lookout of clean ...
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8 Ways to Ensure a Stress-Free Air Travel

We all love to travel, don’t we? However, some people travel a lot while others ...
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How to Get the Best Deals While Booking International Flights

When you think about traveling abroad, the first thought usually is the cost of everything. ...
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Save Money on Hotel Rooms With This Hack

Getting a good deal on hotels is really important especially if you are going ...
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Are Hotel Bedspreads the Dirtiest Surfaces You Have Ever Slept On?

Recently I talked about remote controls in hotels in a dramatically titled article, “The ...
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The Remote Control Nightmare in Hotels and How to Save Yourself

I admit that the title is a bit dramatic, but for a germaphobe, this ...
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Tips for Getting Online in China

Visiting China is a wonderful thing to do, especially once in your lifetime. However, expect ...
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Essentials to Pack for a Road Trip

Road trips are the new travel trend is days. All friend groups, cousins, everybody has ...
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Dental Vacation Hotspots – The Best Places On Earth For Sun, Sand, & Affordable Dental Care

Dental troubles often spell a world of pain and misery, both literally as well as ...
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