The Top Things to See in Slovenia


Located between the border of Austria and Italy, in Central Europe, Slovenia is a land, culture, history, and stunning natural beauty. From castles to caves, Alpine rivers and valleys, Slovenia will take your breath away. 

Here are some of the top spots to visit when in Slovenia.

Triglav National Park

The Triglav National Park is named after Slovenia’s tallest mountain ranges. It is a beautiful region of mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, and rolling green valleys, with enchanting hiking trails. 

Here you can spend your time watching the pastures, the quaint nature, or indulge in some adventure like kayaking, skydiving, and rafting.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia. The captivating lake region, along with the small island in the middle, is worth a visit.

You can reach the island by taking a pletna, which is a traditional gondola of this area. You can also visit the church on this island and ring in the bell for some good luck.

Postojna Cave

Slovenia is home to thousands of underground caves. Of the ones open to the public, the Postojna Cave is the most visited one. Through guided tours, visitors can travel through caverns, halls, and passages carved by the Pivka River. 

Within the cave, you can see beautiful karst formations, some dating back to millions of years. As part of Christmas traditions, concerts are also set up in the caves, in December!


Ljubljana is a charming old city dotted with dragon statues. According to folklore, Jason and the Argonauts had slain a monster in Ljubljana in the old bygone days. Apart from the dragons, you can also see beautiful architectures from the Baroque age all around the city. 

The old town is one of the famous attractions of the city, besides its sculptures and art. You can also visit the Ljubljana castle and climb up the clock tower to get a spectacular view of the city.

Škocjan Caves

The Škocjan Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best in Europe. These caves lie within a giant canyon that is located underground. There is a bridge that allows you to cross from one side to another. You can explore the beautiful columns of stalactites and stalagmites, and also watch out for the different species of bats roosting in these caves.


Laško offers you rejuvenating thermal waters, which the locals believe have healing properties. For centuries people have come to bathe in its soothing waters and soak in the healing benefits of the waters.

Rogatec Open-Air Museum

A different kind of museum experience is offered at the Rogatec Open-Air Museum. This museum lets its visitors have first-hand knowledge about Slovenian heritage, culture, and traditions dating back to the Renaissance period. Here you can even try out bread baking, basket weaving, or blacksmithing!


Slovenia is a beautiful country that is often underrated but has a lot to offer.With beautiful hiking routes along the Julian Alps to quaint little ski towns, there is a lot of hidden charm waiting to be explored. So plan today and make your next European holiday memorable in the land of Slovenia!