Bike Riding Tips for Beginners

bike ride

Bike riding is one of my favorite pastimes. I love exploring new places on my bike. I go on bike rides with groups as well as alone. Going on solo bike rides can be really relaxing, it is a great way to clear your mind and also enjoy the beautiful roads. I always choose routes that are beautiful because as important the destination is, the road means more to most bikers.

Here are a couple of tips if you are beginning out and want to go on solo rides or even group rides. Starting out with organized groups is the best way to start out because then you learn teamwork and hand signals and following the bikes as well as learning how coordination works on the road. Usually organized teams will give you instructions, will tell you about the proper gears as well as the importance of maintaining sight of the bike ahead of you in a new place.

First and foremost get your gear in order. Having proper gear is really important. Helmet is something that you shouldn’t compromise on. If you are planning on going for rides then make sure to get knee and elbow pads. A proper bike kit makes riding easier and causes much less pain and soreness after a long ride.

Invest in good shoes. Do not wear chappals or sandals when going out on rides – this is something that many people already know but I am still spelling it out for people who don’t care enough about things like these. Even pillions should wear proper shoes. A riding jacket is a great investment, most have inbuilt padding for your back, shoulders, and chest.

Pay attention to the road. Keep your head up and gauge the road far enough for you to be ready to react to it in the moment. If your attention is divided then that can be fatal in a difficult terrain. Your tires can easily get stuck in potholes, drain grates, or even bump rocks. So, pay close attention to the unexplored path.

Remember to learn the basic hand signals that biking groups use. It helps navigate on roads when in traffic and also helps you have a pleasant experience with the group. Don’t forget to have a light breakfast before you start out so that you have enough energy for the ride.


If it is your first long bike ride then I will always suggest you to be a part of an organized ride rather than embarking alone. The things you learn can be used when you do head out solo. There are a lot of things that can only be learned through experience and going out with experienced riders is the best way to pick up lessons. Also, never compromise on getting the proper gear, nutrition, and rest in preparation of the ride.