Best Places in the World for Water Sports

Water sports

Water sports are becoming more and more popular with sports going beyond swimming and boat rides. Every place you go, you are assured to find atleast one new water sport you haven’t experienced before. If you love water and adventure, here are the best places in the world for water sports:

1. Phuket & Koh Samui, Thailand:

Thailand is home to a number of places for tourists but Phuket and Koh Samui are the must visits if you want to indulge in water sports. It captures an array of sports from jet skiing, surfboarding to kite boarding.jet skiing is One of the most popular water sports that you can ride through the waves without any classes. Another super fun sport has to be surfboarding  because we all know nothing like riding the waves. You will also find several kite boarding spots in Koh Samui.

Best time to Visit: November to March to gain the complete experience.

2. Goa, India:

You can choose anything from fishing to jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving or wind surfing. Dinghy sailing is also one of the most popular activities to do in Goa.Since Goa is the most populated water sport destination in India, this place is always buzzing, and you don’t even need experience for these activities.

Best time to Visit: the winter as the weather is cool. In case , you are looking for off-season activities and quieter beaches,  you might try the summer. But that does come along with the scorching summer heat.

3. The Andaman’s, India:

Perhaps one of the clearest waters in India, Andaman’s have  Activities like scuba diving, snorkeling. These will be a delight due to the existing rich marine life. want to learn how to scuba dive? this is the best place to head to. Para sailing and wind surfing are activities that ride along with the tourists. Apart from being the best water sport destinations, they are great.

Best time to Visit: anytime of the year.

4. Port Louis, Mauritius:

When talking about Mauritius, the only think that comes to mind is beaches and water along with a relaxing vacation. That’s true. This is one of the best places to go if you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation along with a hint of adventure. Sea kayaking is most popular activity to do in Mauritius through out the year since you can marine life species all year round.  Swim with the dolphins like in the movies. Visit the gorgeous he lagoons that are crystal clear and protected at Port Louis.

Best time to Visit May to October has the best weather. Visit in winter if you want to go deep-sea fishing.

5. Lake Taho,U.S.A:

If you want to go kayaking, head straight here. Lake Taho also has amazing jet and water ski. Paddle your way through the lake to get a peaceful look at the surroundings. Although this may be a surprising destination in Nevada, it is highly ranked for water sports.

Best time to Visit: March to May or September to November.

6. Miami,U.S.A:

Why even go to Miami if you don’t water sport. This beach filled destination is the perfect get away for water sports and a body tan. Go para sailing, water skiing, snorkeling, wreck diving and scuba diving in Miami. This may not the cheapest destination but a budgeted plan and good foresight may save you a lot of money.

Best time to Visit: All year round you will find good weather for water sports.

These places are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are a true water sports enthusiast, go your way through the list and explore beyond these options as well. But we are pretty sure, you’ll love this specially curated list.