7 Places for Adventure Seekers to have in their Bucket List

National park

Bear Grylls has motivated many of our young hearts to get into nature adventures. Plunging into oceans, scaling mountains and getting lost in rainforests, all these have become our fantasies. Let’s delve deeper into the world of adventures and unearth some peculiar, but amazing adventures that should be in your bucket list. Because, of course, you can’t die without living out these extremely exciting and dangerous adventures, right?

  1. Hymettus, Athens

Also known as Crazy Mountain, it is one of the most challenging mountain range in Athens. Its rocky terrain covered with dense vegetation and narrow hiking trails are what allures hikers to it.  This densely forested mountain is considered to be the most beautiful mountain in Greece. It is a perfect place for those who love to hike. It provides a fantastic view of Athens from the top. It is recommended for experienced hikers as the terrain is rough and the hike is very long.

  1. The Grand Canyons, USA

After watching the movie 127 hours, I’m sure almost everyone absolutely wants to go to the Grand Canyons! And why not? Add it in your bucket list, and go and ferret out all those nooks, crannies and shortcuts you can find in the Grand Canyons. Some essential things that you’ll require, a lot of water, a bottle of extra-slippery oil, and a sharp knife. You’re all set for the “grand” Grand Canyon adventure now!

  1. Via Ferrata, Italy

Experienced climbers will consider Via Ferrata to be a nice vigorous exercise, while the newbies will probably think it’s death in disguise. This Italian masterpiece is in Alps, and is a protected climbing route. With the view that you get after finishing the climb will definitely make you want to put it in your bucket list. The challenging hike this route offers you is invigorating along with all its dangers and rewards.

  1. Heli-Skiing, Iceland

Have you ever been pulled on snow by a pack of really big dogs? If not, you should try Heli-skiing in Iceland once before your body gets cold. With a myth-like aura around your sledge, you won’t be able to believe if you are sliding or flying. Wear your mittens and your parka, because you are going to be plunged into ice while you’ll be heli-skiing. So, don’t forget to put this cold canine ski in your bucket list!

  1. Running with the Bulls, Spain

What Zindagi Na MilegiDobara taught us, is to never run in front of bulls in Spain. Oh wait… Ah, well, what’s the fun in not running in front of them is, right? That’s common, and common is boring. And we are anything but common, just like the Spaniards! The adrenalin rushes you’ll get running with the bulls in Spain, is nothing like hat you’ve ever experienced in your life. So, get ready to get an adrenalin overload, because if you don’t outrun those bulls, you die.

  1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The incredible detailing done at such a grand scale is the pride of Angor Wat. With the loops of banyan tree roots covering each and every entrance, you feel that you are entering another era. With snakes and forgotten land mines can snag you at any time, the Angor Wat trip is no less adventurous than scaling Mt. Everest. Climb short hills, and enter long forgotten temples and see the sunrise from a place no one has ever seen before.  You should be in excellent physical condition to pull yourself up while climbing the stairs. So, get your biceps all pumped up!

  1. Mont Blanc, Europe

With hiking, trekking, kayaking and rafting done on this range, it is not for everyone to decide to scale Mont Blanc. The high-altitude hiking and cycling might make you a bit dizzy. This mountain reeks of adventure at every crevice! Tie the laces of your shoes and leave your cowardice back at home, because this dangerous mountain has to be in your bucket list!

Loving adventures is a pretty basic thing nowadays. But, it depends on you how to make it make it more interesting. These 7 not-so-common adventure trips will fill you with a sense of fulfillment and joy. So, don’t miss out on these pleasingly adventurous places even if your life is at stake!