3 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

best islands

The world is full of great places to visit and travel to. Amongst all the different countries, it’s often the small islands dotted around the oceans that provide the most joyful experiences. Many islands are full of natural wildlife and stunning settings. There’s so much to explore, and you tend to experience cultures and things you don’t get on the mainland.
Taking all that into account, here are my picks for the best islands to visit before you die:
best islands


Greece is home to many beautiful islands, with it’s Cyclades Islands being the most popular. Here, you’ll find the stunning Santorini, one of the most unique islands in the world. All the houses and towns here are built into the rock face and are almost on top of one another. It’s a very gorgeous sight, as the buildings are painted in whites and other pastel colors. The reason for this unique layout is because the island was partly destroyed by a volcanic eruption many years ago. This created the hilly landscape which the locals built houses on. If you’re looking for an expensive trip and a taste of luxury, this is the island to visit. There are sandy beaches, sublime sunsets, and a warm climate.
cyclades island

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean near Ecuador. If you feel like you’ve heard of them before, it’s probably because you have. They’re extremely famous, particularly amongst nature lovers. The main thing that sets this island apart from the others on this list is the sheer amount of wildlife there. You will see so many animals and sea creatures that you don’t get anywhere else on planet earth. It’s a real eye-opening experience when you get there. It’s common to go on a cruise or even hire a Galapagos luxury yacht to cruise around these islands, so you really get to see every little part of them. This is the ideal location for an exploration holiday where you want to go around and find natural beauty around every corner. It’s a once in a lifetime experience you simply can’t miss.
galapagos islands

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an island that’s made a name for itself as a popular honeymoon destination. Right off the bat, if you want to travel somewhere with a partner, this is the best place on the list. You can stay in fancy little huts that are built on stilts in the sea, it’s a really remarkable experience. Located in French Polynesia, it’s home to some of the most beautiful water you will ever see. It almost doesn’t feel real as you look at it, it’s like someone has set a permanent Instagram filter on the ocean! This is the ultimate island for a relaxing holiday in a very sunny climate. You don’t want to do anything other than chill and swim in the sea, it’s bliss.
Each of these islands offers you something different, but they’re all great. If you’ve got a bucket list of travel destinations, then add these islands to it! I don’t care how long it takes you to visit them all, you simply must cross them all off your list before you die.

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  1. JooJoobs says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Not going to the Galapagos Islands was my biggest regret. At the last minute, I was convinced Easter Island was the more unique experience, and we only had time for one….

    Bad decision. Hope to get to correct this mistake one day.


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