In the Footsteps of Movies: Ideal Locations for Traveling in Cinema Roulette


If you are a movie buff, you will know that an amazing number of movies have at least a scene in a casino. From romantic comedies to action adventures, casinos provide a colorful and exciting backdrop for many movies.

We will primarily need to mention the obvious options, which are all set in Las Vegas, Nevada. But if you want to travel the world and visit some of the hidden gems, you will also need to extend your movie collection.

The Obvious Options

There is no discussion about the popularity of Las Vegas casinos. Every current online casino that offers American roulette live will give you the backdrop and decoration of this gilded city.

If you aim to entertain yourself while gambling and enjoy the highest of luxuries and amenities, Las Vegas is a place for you. Also, a lot of popular movie history has happened in this city, both inside and outside of its casinos.

The Bellagio

The location of probably the most popular heist movie ever made, Oceans Eleven (the prize for quality goes to “The Italian Job”). The Bellagio is magnificent and offers more than any person would need, ever.

The entertainment value of The Bellagio is the excess it offers. There are dozens of tables of every sort and hundreds of slot machines. But, with the modern security in the hotel, if you want to take money off The Bellagio you will need to win it fair and square.

Planet Hollywood Casino

This is the location of the famous movie “21”, which revolves around blackjack. Most people will know about the legendary events where MIT students developed a card counting strategy and won high.


This event is exactly why card counting is illegal today. Regretfully, with multi-deck shuffles, it has become rather impossible.

The Mirage

Although the 1997 movie “Vegas Vacation” pokes a bit of fun about the slobbish clientele of The Mirage, the hotel and casino today are quite stunning. But, if you want to have a very relaxed time and indulge in funny behavior “for the meme”, this might just be a destination for you.

Thinking Outside of the Box

This Planet is a vast place, and if you know where to look, you can find hidden gems everywhere. While for some of these options, the movie where they are featured might not be a cinematic masterpiece, the casinos themselves are stunning and in places every traveler needs to visit.

Dragonara Palace – St. Julian, Malta

The people are divided into those who think that David Suchet’s portrayer of Agatha Christie’s famous inspector, Hercule Poirot, is the best and those who are objectively wrong. But did you know how Suchet got the role? It was a small movie called “Trenchcoat” from 1983, in which the plot takes place in Malta and the Dragonara Palace.


The location of this casino is unsurpassed. Historically, it used to be a pirate cove, then an outpost of the Knights Hospitaler, then a gun battery fort, then a summer home for a Sicilian noble family, and now it is a casino.

The Venetian Macao – Macau

The plot of the 2016 movie sequel, Now You See Me 2, features this casino, which is probably the best casino in Macau, and that is saying something. It resembles its Las Vegas counterpart but combines the ideas of luxury from America, China, and Europe.

If you are anywhere near Guangdong, also known as Canton, you need to visit Macau, and you will get it right if you stay in The Venetian.

Splendid Casino – Budva, Montenegro

Last but not least, Splendid Casino is the location of the James Bond movie Casino Royale. The actual filming location on the inside is a hotel near Karlovy Vary in Czechia, but the outside is here.

The casino itself is what you would imagine an average casino to be. But, if you are in a partying mood, Budva in the summer is a place to be.