The Ideal Destinations to Visit in Summer 2024


Spring is here, and as the days get longer and the season moves on, your thoughts are likely already turning to plans for the summer. You’ll look for the best destinations. You’ll look for the best deals on flights. You’ll search for the lowest prices on accommodation. You might even couch surf and maybe get a tour round the location by your host. Make the most of that opportunity if so!

Making holiday plans is exciting, but also somewhat stressful because of all the choice. So many brilliant destinations, but so little time to visit them all! To help make the decision easier, here are some of the best destinations to take a summer holiday in 2024.

Las Vegas

If you like gaming, Vegas, the world capital of casino gaming and entertainment, is the place to be. Even if gaming isn’t your thing, you might want to step inside the casinos for the experience. If you’re going to sit down at the blackjack tables, it’s worth brushing up on your skills at an online casino first. If you’re already comfortable at a blackjack table, you might even play a little live blackjack online first before stepping into a Vegas casino.

Outside of the casinos, there’s lots to explore. You can visit the Neon Museum, which has rescued neon signs and set them aside for visitors to marvel at. If you have an interest in true crime, the Mob Museum is the place to go and learn about organized crime across the globe and in Vegas. Not to be missed while in Vegas, too, is the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Plenty of tours are available, but you’ll have to get up early!


The island of Santorini, which lies nonchalantly in the Aegean Sea, is astoundingly beautiful. If you think its iconic whitewashed architecture and blue-domed churches look good on the internet and postcards, you should see it all in real life.


The villages in the cliff side offer panoramic views of the caldera, which was created by a volcanic explosion three millennia ago and has helped to make Santorini so recognizable. Besides the caldera, there are vineyards, villages, chapels, frescoes, ancient runs, hikes and more. Get ready for a slower place of life.


Thanks to its 17 autonomous regions, 50 provinces and five languages, Spain is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. You can admire stunning architecture in Catalonia. You can explore the Jewish quarter of Toledo, just a few kilometers from the Spanish capital, Madrid. Head south and you can wonder at impressive feats of architecture such as the Giralda, in Seville; the Alhambra, in Granada; and the mosque in Cordoba. Do you like wine? La Rioja is the place to go and is renowned for its wine production and vineyards, whereas if you enjoy cider, you should make Asturias your destination.


Italy is another European jewel. Visiting Venice should be your top priority. While there, take the chance to ride in a gondola. Better still, go to a gondola steering class and save yourself some money on gondola rides. If you’re looking to see some of Michelangelo’s greatest works, the


Sistine Chapel, part of the Vatican Museums, in the Vatican City, is the place to go, ideally by night, and see his famous ceiling frescoes. In Rome, the Colosseum is the landmark to visit. If the hustle and bustle of cities isn’t your thing, Tuscany and its beautiful hills and wineries are just the ticket.


This little south-eastern European country situated in the Balkans may feel like a surprise inclusion, but it really is sublime. The compact capital city, Tirana, boasts a fascinating mix of mural painted apartments and Italian-style buildings, and is ideal for a city break. You can even get a free tour of it.

However, it’s the beauty of Albania outside its capital that’s the real draw. You can take it easy on the Albanian Riviera, which stretches from Vlore to Saranda and spoils you with whitewashed villages and fabulous beaches that stretch for miles.

Out on the western coast of Albania, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Butrint and, in southwestern Albania, the UNESCO World Heritage site of the ancient city of Apollonia will give you your fix of history.

A hike of the national parks Llogara and Valbona is an enriching experience. In them, you can walk, ride, camp, canoe and even paraglide. Be aware of the Balkan lynx, wolves and bears that sometimes wander around the parks though.

When it comes to choosing a summer holiday, the world spoils travelers with outstanding destinations that lead to them creating a never-ending bucket list. Other destinations to consider for a summer break include Iceland, where you can visit the Gullfoss, Dettifoss and Skógafoss waterfalls or soak in the famous Blue Lagoon thermal bath, and Croatia, where you can walk along Dubrovnik city’s famous walls and visit Adriatic islands such as Hvar and Mljet.