4 Travel Tips and Essentials for Musicians


Being a musician on the road is a dream for most artists. Exploring while playing shows here and there is always fun and a great way to experience new people and places.

However, travel itself can still present some challenges. Whether you’re touring with a band, performing in cool new locations, or simply exploring to find inspiration, here are a few pieces of advice that will make your travels smoother and easier.

Pack Strategically

Traveling with your equipment can be a serious drag—it can be heavy and tricky to keep safe and out of harm’s way. Protecting your instruments should be a top priority, so click here to find the best protective cases.

Aside from your gear, it would help if you also remembered to pack for your other needs but keep it as light as possible. Make sure your clothing is comfortable for long hours on the road, and try to stick to basics and essentials. You’ll probably need portable chargers for your devices, a reusable water bottle, and some simple toiletries. You can wing the rest!

Plan for Performances

If you have scheduled performances lined up, being properly prepared is essential. Calling in at venues and keeping yourself organised will help you avoid any mishaps.


You’ll need to know where you need to be (and when) to plan your trips to arrive on time and account for potential traffic or other obstacles. You’ll also need to find out what equipment will be available at each venue, arrange soundchecks, and figure out what is expected from you and the show you’re putting on. A few simple phone calls or emails, an updated digital calendar, and clear communication should make this easy.

Stay Organised

Keeping your gear well-organized will help ensure you’re as effective and time-efficient as possible. It will also protect your gear to minimize any damage that might occur during travel.

On top of keeping it well protected in safe cases and gear bags, make sure you also keep track of where it is at all times. Label your equipment and do your best to keep a thorough and up-to-date inventory.


This will help keep from things being misplaced or suddenly vanishing from your sight right before an important gig.

Prioritise Your Health and Well-Being

Life on the road can be pretty tough on one’s system. It’s mentally and physically exhausting, especially for those with hectic schedules and loads of shows lined up quickly.

Because of this, you’ll really need to make self-care a priority. Take care of yourself by trying to eat balanced meals whenever you can, getting enough sleep (whenever you can), and staying hydrated. Avoid drinking too heavily and too often, and implement some kind of exercise, too – this will help keep your energy levels up so you can give everything you’ve got when you’re on stage.