What Is Vanilla Essential Oil Good For

dried vanilla pods and oil

Vanilla essential oil is one of the most potent and useful oils out there and can be an absolute game-changer for your skin and hair routine.

Its benefits will help you improve your mood whenever you have one of those low days, decrease stress, help you relax on your most stressful ones, and improve your skin and hair unlike anything else out there.

If you’re interested in knowing what vanilla essential oil is good for and how you can add it to your routine in a safe way, keep reading:

Lightening up Your Mood

According to Wholesale Botanics’ vanilla oil guide, it can often be the best way to improve your mood if you’re feeling down. This happens mostly due to the delightful scent we associate with sweet treats and cozy baking sessions. It isn’t just a pleasure for the nose; it can actually trigger positive changes in the brain.

Vanilla’s aroma stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness and reward. This dopamine boost can help you on days when you need a brighter outlook and increased motivation.

You’ll also find that vanilla’s fragrance often makes you nostalgic with distant childhood moments of joy, like baking cookies with family or enjoying a birthday cake. These memories will easily lead to an uplift in your emotions, leaving you feeling happier and more content.

Its mood-boosting qualities are an excellent way to combat occasional mood swings or feelings of fatigue. Start by diffusing the oil in your workspace to create a more cheerful and inspiring environment.


You can also incorporate it into your morning routine and set a positive tone for the day from the very beginning. It doesn’t take much–even just a whiff of vanilla from the bottle can be enough to experience its mood-enhancing benefits.

Driving Stress Away

The sweet, comforting aroma of vanilla is more than just pleasant; it can induce a sense of calm and tranquility. Research shows that vanilla’s scent works its magic by lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. It’s this physiological response that helps you feel less stressed and more at ease, allowing your body to unwind and decompress.

Inhaling vanilla essential oil can also have a pretty potent calming effect to quiet a racing mind and ease feelings of anxiety. Studies have even shown vanilla to be more effective than other scents, like clementine, in helping with relaxation.

If you struggle with occasional anxiety or have trouble quieting your thoughts before bed, vanilla oil extract can be an absolute Godsend. As we looked at earlier, you can get these benefits by diffusing the oil in your room or even adding it to your bath for the best, most immersive experience.

Skin and Hair Benefits

Vanilla essential oil has a number of benefits for both your skin and hair, thanks to its antibacterial nature which can help you avoid blemishes and get clearer skin overall. When diluted and applied topically (always diluted with a carrier oil!), it can also help reduce the appearance of pimples and soothe irritation that always comes with minor breakouts.


For your hair, its rich antioxidant content will help with the fight against free radical damage, which usually causes hair loss and leads to a dull appearance.

The oil can also help nourish your scalp, creating the healthy environment you need for hair growth. Though your mileage may vary – some people have even observed benefits that help tame frizz and flyaways, making hair that much easier to manage.

Important to Know Before Using Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla essential oil is one of the more potent oils out there and should never be applied directly to skin or hair. You should always dilute it with a carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil before use. Generally, a patch test is also a good way to check for any sensitivities before adding it into your full routine.

With that accounted for, you’re all set to reap the many benefits of vanilla essential oil! Always remember to discontinue use immediately if you have an adverse reaction, and to be on the safe side, you can also consult your doctor before trying the oil.