Discovering the Delight: An Updated Guide to Harga Coklat Silverqueen Love

harga coklat silverqueen love

For the chocolate aficionado, there’s nothing quite like the rich, creamy delight of Silverqueen Love chocolate. It’s a treat that’s known for its premium quality and irresistible flavor, a true indulgence for the senses. But what about its price?

In the ever-fluctuating world of chocolate market, keeping a pulse on the cost of your favorite treat can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here, to provide you with the latest insights on the price of Silverqueen Love chocolate. So, whether you’re a casual consumer or a dedicated chocoholic, you’ll be in the know.

Stay tuned as we delve into the world of Silverqueen Love chocolate, providing you with all the sweet details you need to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank.

harga coklat silverqueen loveHarga Coklat Silverqueen Love

Indulgence in Harga Coklat Silverqueen Love doesn’t demand a gold-plated budget. Harga Coklat Silverqueen Love, coveted by connoisseurs far and wide, presents a variation in its price in tune with the volatile nature of the chocolate market. This section offers the latest pricing, demonstrating a key example of high-quality luxury accessible to everyone.

A review of available data presents a range of prices. Individual bars typically command a price from 20,000 to 30,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) depending on the size and the retailer. More economically, multi-pack options often sell for around 125,000 IDR providing sizeable savings.

Notable Features of Silverqueen Love Chocolate

Discounting price considerations, the Harga Coklat Silverqueen Love excels in two significant aspects: high-quality ingredients and innovative packaging.

High-Quality Ingredientsharga coklat silverqueen love

Premium ingredients lie at the heart of the Harga Coklat Silverqueen Love appeal. Its distinct taste, relished by chocolate enthusiasts, owes much to its premium composition. From fresh cocoa beans harvested within optimal climates to high-quality milk, every ingredient contributes to its rich, velvety smoothness. It isn’t merely about cocoa and milk, though. It’s also flavored with a hint of natural vanilla, creating an intricate pallet of taste that lingers subtly after each bite.

Taking cocoa as an example, Silverqueen sources only top-grade cocoa beans. These undergo careful selection and a meticulous process of fermentation and roasting, which ultimately unlocks the rich, chocolatey flavors.

harga coklat silverqueen loveInnovative Packaging

Besides its enticing taste, another notable feature is the Silverqueen Love’s packaging. It’s vibrant, durable, and explicitly designed to preserve the chocolate’s quality. Not only does this packaging keep the chocolate fresh, but it also communicates the brand’s luxury identity.

Striking in its use of bold reds and elegant golds, each wrapper feels like unwrapping a gift. The distinctive heart-shaped logo reiterates the product’s name – Silverqueen Love, underlining the brand’s attention to detail and commitment to a high-end experience.

Pricing Analysis of Harga Coklat Silverqueen Love

Comparing Price With Competing Brandsharga coklat silverqueen love

In the realm of premium chocolates, a handful of key players build the competitive landscape. Examining Harga Coklat Silverqueen Love in relation to these brands provides a clearer picture of its market placement. Cadburry, Ferrero Rocher, and Toblerone, for instance, serve as primary competitors in the premium segment. The average price of a Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk (165g) hovers around $4.38, Ferrero Rocher (box of 16) prices typically float around $10.95, and Toblerone (100g) waits in the wings at approximately $4.63.

On the other hand, Harga Coklat Silverqueen Love (160g) is typically priced at around $3.81. This indicates that despite high-quality sourcing and spectacular packaging, Silverqueen Love does not overstep affordability. Constant market scrutiny, however, ensures that deviation from these prices exists in smaller proportions.