Digital Transformation With SAP Business Technology Platform


Online reality has created a new edge of competitiveness among businesses and industries. A simple form of digital presence is never enough now, as there is a need to engage the workforce and clients in more active interaction. Aiming to finetune the demand of the market, businesses are looking for innovative solutions that will improve their digital performance, maximize their output, and thus profit.

One of the latest and most developed tools to tackle innovative development is SAP BTP, which offers its client a highly functional ecosystem, with all the tools for proper organization and business management. Let’s discover its benefits.

What is SAP BTP?

SAP Business Technology Platform is a cloud-based solution, a hub-like platform, which unites all the applications related to business management. As all the control is performed from a centralized location, it provides businesses with a convenient form of business management and ensures the timeliness of decisions.

SAP BTP creates the foundation for numerous types of integrations, depending on the need for improvements. In fact, it can be a central management application that monitors and complements all types of business-related activities – commercial activities (SAP Commerce Cloud), transportation services (SAP Transportation Management), human resources (SAP Human Capital Management), etc.

SAP BTP and its highly scalable nature allow businesses to grow the level of control gradually, based on the current needs and demands.

SAP BTP’s full potential can only be reached when entrusted to professional SAP integrators, like LeverX, who have been bringing digital transformation to companies for over 20 years now. Their knowledge and expertise regarding SAP implementation will help to maximize the company’s performance, making it an active player in the market.

Four Pillars of SAP BTP

SAP BTP is based on four technical pillars – database and data management, analytics, application development and Integration, and intelligent technologies.

Database And Data Management

As the name suggests, this component involves data-related interactions – access, processing, integration, storage, and interpretation.

With SAP BTP, the data can be accessed from anywhere, which allows more efficient and timely decisions. Just a few clicks and the management teams get appropriate insights, which allows them to keep tabs on the performance 24/7. Besides, all the data immediately gets to the person requesting it, avoiding all the intermediary stages, which elevates the overall efficiency of the enterprise.


Proper and timely analytical reports allow businesses to adjust their development strategy according to the demand of the market. Considering the changeability and fluctuations of the market, having such a tool under the tips of the fingers is simply a necessity.

Application Development And Integration

App development and integration allow users to adjust the company’s infrastructure on the go, easily integrating different systems, extending the application’s functionality, and creating new solutions for current demands. This component allows all the transformations needed for business development without any delay in the central functioning.

Intelligent Techniques

Intelligence is a key characteristic of a company’s human resources; yet with the introduction of machine intelligence, the profitability of the company doubles. AI-based tools help to tackle repetitive tasks, letting human resources concentrate on more important and creative projects.

Benefits of SAP BTP

Integration Opportunities

SAP BTP provides a favorable environment for creating an all-encompassing business ecosystem, with various applications, data sources, and applications supporting both cloud and on-premise integrations. It can be used as a business starter, which will allow further development and extension of business infrastructure.


Customization is one of the keywords of the modern business environment, as every tech solution should be adjusted to specific business needs.


SAP BTP offers a complete set of tools and services to build, extend, and customize SAP applications according to business and market demands. Such flexibility is backed up by the SAP Cloud Application Programming model, and SAP Business Application Studio.

A high level of customization allows business to optimize their performance and stay on top of the competition in the highly changeable environment,

Advanced analytics

In the data-driven market environment, analytics becomes the main force of navigation. While every company has a business plan and strategy for development, it is important to keep track of all the activities and be able to introduce changes once some steps don’t prove their efficiency.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure And Scalability

SAP BTP runs on a reliable and easily accessible cloud-based infrastructure. It can handle increased workloads and demand for business extensions while maintaining the uninterrupted functioning of the company. SAP BTP allows businesses to optimize their performance and reach a competitive edge in the chosen industry.


SAP BTP provides its users with all the necessary tools to ensure the safety and security of their sensitive data.


It allows compliance with various global regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Although security is mentioned as the last on the list of benefits, it should be of first consideration, as any kind of data leakage can lead to detrimental outcomes.

The Bottom Line

Business management is never easy, as it requires constant vigilance and flexibility to keep up with the competition and outperform the other. However, with SAP Business Technology Platform the game will move in a faster direction.

SAP BTP brings together data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration; having such an ‘umbrella’ application will help to reactivate the business performance, taking it to the top of the competition. All the questions should be addressed to the LeverX company, whose SAP Implementation services are always beyond reproach. Their extensive expertise includes a full range of high-quality services, from consulting and implementation to support. Just take the first step towards your better digital existence.