Google Doodle Celebrates Aviation Pioneer Amelia Earhart

We all love flying. For business, for pleasure, it is the preferred way to get across seas, countries and oceans as fast as possible. That is why all travelers out there should take a moment today to join Google in celebrating aviation pioneer, author and all around amazing woman Amelia Earhart! Google has already started with a Doodle and we’re just trying to take it further.

Among Amelia Mary Earhart’s many aviation records, we must mention her being the first aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, event honored and rewarded with the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross. She also wrote three best-selling books inspired by her flying experience and was one of the key players in establishing the The Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots.


She died doing what she loved most – flying. She disappeared in 1937 while attempting a round-the-world flight together with  Fred Noonan. The two were never found, and several theories, some scientific, others mere urban legends emerged, powered by Amelia Earhart’s fame.

While we might never know how and where she died, the light of her accomplishments as aviator, author and woman will forever shine brightly!

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