New Triptrotting Travel Community, Matchmaker of Visitors and Like-Minded Local Hosts

Triptrotting, an online travel services matching foreign visitors to like-minded local hosts, has just lunched their community website,, a crowd made up of verified students, alumni and professionals from around the world. Using a proprietary algorithm, Triptrotting brings together travelers in their community with locals who can accommodate them in an attempt to offer unique and less “touristy” travel experiences.

While fresh on the market, Triptrotting, a company founded by Aigerim Duiseneyeva and Shana Zheng, has successfully matched students from 35 cities and more than 100 universities from across the globe and aims to be the online service behind many more travel matchmakings, offering travelers and those who can become hosts a more intuitive user experience.

“Triptrotters no longer have to experience that clueless tourist feeling while visiting a new and unfamiliar place. You can make a friend in another part of the world and keep that friendship when you go home,” said Aigerim Duiseneyeva, Co-Founder of Triptrotting.

The Triptrotting community website focuses on features that help match travelers and locals based on compatibility – determined based on personality traits, professional interests and other such markers. A local host might meet a traveler for lunch or dinner, or take them on a tour of their city, and due to their prior matchmaking the experience has all the chances of being exceptional, allowing them to share their cultures and expand their international network.


After each trip, Triptrotting community travelers have to rate and review their host and indicate if the host should receive a top for a satisfactory experience. Hosts can either keep their tip or donate it to a nonprofit organization from those selected by Triptrotting.

The hosts however do not review their traveling guests. They can report certain issues, but no rating is required on their part. This seems unfair to me, as a traveler of bad habits should be made known to the world, just as a bad host should be! This would concern me if I was ever to become part of this community.

Triptrotting is also searching for the “Ultimate Triptrotter,” an individual to benefit from the Ultimate Summer Experience. Basically he would be sponsored to connect to local hosts and travel everywhere in the world all summer, and in exchange to write blog posts and upload videos about his experience.

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