The Top 10 Travel Agency Usernames


Choosing the best travel agency username can be a tricky task, as you want to make sure it stands out from the competition. In order to make this decision easier, you’ll need to define a set of criteria for selection.

This criteria should consider how memorable the username is, how original it is, whether it can grow with your business, and how well it represents your company.

Let’s take a look at what criteria you should consider when selecting a travel agency username.


A creative and original username is imperative for a travel agency to stand out in a sea of competitors on social media platforms. Here are the top 10 usernames of travel agencies that embody originality and creativity.

1. Jetsetters_Journal: This username gives you a hint of the thrill of new experiences and the thrill of discovery.

2. Destination_Diva: This username is perfect for a travel agency that focuses on luxury travels for women.

3. GypsyWanderlust: Under this name comes the sense of freedom, adventure, and wanderlust that travelling embodies.

4. RoamingTheWorld: perfect for a travel agency that focuses on trips to several destinations and emphasises the thirst for exploration.

5. EscapersIsland: This username, with an alliteration effect, gives the sense of escaping the mundane and journeying to an Island.

6. Odyssey_Wanderer: This username gives a sense of a lifelong journey of discovery and exploration, resembling the Homeric epic.

7. TripStical: A fun name that lends to an exciting blend of “trip” and “mystical.”

8. GetLostAdventures: This username inspires a new meaning of “getting lost in the moment” and encourages travellers to find themselves in unconventional yet extraordinary experiences.

9. Tour_Chaser: This username could refer to chasing landmarks or travelling in search of festivals, food, and culture.

10. TravelMinds: A name based on a play of words, “travellers” and “minds,” encouraging individuals to dial into their senses when travelling.

Pro tip: Keep your usernames creative and within your brand identity, and prioritise using original names that can be easily trademarked.


Choosing a unique and memorable username is one of the most important steps when setting up a travel agency’s social media handles. A username that is catchy and easy to remember can make all the difference in attracting new clients and building brand recognition. Some of the criteria for selecting the top 10 travel agency usernames are uniqueness, relevance, and simplicity. It should be able to convey the essence of your travel brand to your target audience.

Here are some examples of top travel agency usernames that meet these criteria:

  • WanderlustAdventures
  • TravelVibesCo
  • JetSetJourneys
  • EpicExcursions
  • GlobeTrotterAgency
  • VacationVibesHQ
  • TravelFeverGroup
  • RoamingRangers
  • SightsAndSipsTravel
  • TripSavvyHQ

With the right username, your travel agency can make a lasting impression on social media platforms and attract more followers, as well as potential clients.


Choosing a memorable and easy to spell username is essential for any travel agency. Here are the top 10 criteria for selecting a username that will attract customers and be easy to remember and type:

1. Keep it short and sweet, ideally no more than 12 characters long.

2. Avoid numbers and special characters that may be difficult to spell or confuse customers.

3. Use common English words that are easy to spell and remember.

4. Consider using a play on words or pun that is related to travel or the destination.

5. Ensure that the username is available as a domain name for a website or social media pages.

6. Conduct a Google search to confirm that there are no similar usernames associated with negative reviews or comments.

7. Avoid using acronyms or initials that may be easily forgotten or mistaken.

8. Select a username that resonates with your target audience and reflects your brand.

9. Ensure that the username is easy to pronounce and remember.

10. Test the username with a focus group or survey to gather feedback from potential customers.

The Top 10 Travel Agency Usernames

Having an attractive username is essential if you want your travel agency to stand out from the crowd. It is also important to choose a username that reflects the nature of your business. To help you make the right choice, here is a list of the top 10 travel agency usernames that you can use to make your brand more memorable.


Wanderlust Ventures is a travel agency that offers customised travel experiences to different parts of the world. However, it is not just another travel agency; it’s an experience that can be explored through social media channels.

Here are the top 10 Wanderlust ventures-inspired travel agency usernames for your social media platforms:

  • TheWanderingSoul
  • RoamFree
  • ExploreMore
  • GypsyVibes
  • TripTales
  • AdventureUnbound
  • BeyondBorders
  • VagabondJourneys
  • Escapade365
  • SojournStories

Using these usernames on social media channels can help you create accounts that encapsulate the spirit of travel and inspire your followers to seek new adventures. These usernames can also be combined with creative content to create an immersive travel experience on social media.

Why it made the list

This section provides an explanation for the inclusion of a particular username in the list of the top 10 travel agency usernames, based on its creativity, originality, relevance, and memorability.

For instance, one of the usernames on this list is “GlobeTrotter.” This name made the list because it effectively captures the essence of travel, conveys a sense of adventure and excitement, and is easy to remember. The name “Wanderlust” is also featured on the list, as it perfectly aligns with a travel agency’s mission to inspire customers to explore new destinations and experience different cultures. In addition, it’s a trendy and catchy name that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

By choosing a well-crafted username for your travel agency, you can attract more customers and leave a positive impression that helps you stand out from competitors.



JourneyJet is a unique and memorable username for a travel agency. Here are the top 10 travel agency usernames that can attract potential customers:

TravelWise: A simple yet effective username that conveys the expertise and knowledge of the agency.

AdventureBound: This username evokes a sense of excitement and thrill, perfect for adventure travel agencies.

WanderWorld: A catchy and memorable name that captures the essence of travel and exploration.

JourneyJoy: A positive and uplifting name that can make customers feel good about their travel plans.

GlobalGetaways: A name that denotes the worldwide reach and variety of travel experiences offered by the agency.

DreamDestinations: This username conjures up images of exotic and luxurious travel destinations.

HappyTravels: A friendly and cheerful name that can make customers feel welcome and valued.

LuxeVoyages: A name that implies opulence and luxury, ideal for high-end travel agencies.

JetSetters: A catchy and trendy name that can appeal to young and fashionable travelers.

EpicExcursions: This username suggests epic and memorable travel experiences, perfect for adventure and luxury travel alike.

Why it made the list

When compiling a list of the top 10 travel agency usernames, certain factors were taken into consideration for each selection. The travel agencies that made the list all have unique, catchy, and memorable usernames that make them stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

In addition, these usernames are easy to remember, easy to spell, and evoke feelings of wanderlust and adventure. Another important aspect was the relevance and appropriateness of the username – each travel agency’s username accurately reflects its mission and services offered.

Finally, user feedback and popularity were taken into account, as these usernames have proven to resonate with travel enthusiasts, achieving a high level of engagement and user interaction.

Roaming Globe

“Roaming Globe” is a perfect username for a travel agency business. It is memorable, catchy, and conveys the essence of travel – exploring new places, cultures, and people. A good username should make your business stand out and convey what you do in a single glance. Here are ten more examples of creative usernames for a travel agency business:

1. ExploreMore
2. WanderlustAdventures
3. GlobeTrotters
4. TheTravelHive
5. TakeMeAway
6. BonVoyageWorld
7. ExpeditionExperts
8. JourneyJunkies
9. NomadicNatives
10. DreamDestinations

A username that is easy to remember and reflective of your brand can help you attract and retain customers. Choose a name that resonates with your target audience and aligns with your business’s values and mission.

Pro Tip: Before finalising the username, check if it’s available across various social media and domain name platforms.

Why it made the list

Creating a memorable and unique username is a crucial factor for travel agencies to attract potential customers. Here are the top 10 travel agency usernames and why they made the list:

1. WanderlustWishes – This username portrays the traveller’s desire for exploration and experiencing new things.

2. ItchyFeetAdventures – It captures the urge to travel and discover new places.

3. JetsetJunkies – This username invokes a luxurious and glamorous image, perfect for high-end travel agencies.

4. RoamingGnomads – An eccentric and memorable name, ideal for quirky and unconventional travel agencies.

5. TheWanderingVoyage – A poetic and dreamy name that appeals to the wanderer at heart.

6. GlobeTrotterTrips – This username instantly appeals to people looking for worldwide travel options.

7. AdventureAwaitsCo – This username positions the travel agency as an opportunity for thrilling experiences.

8. HappyTrailsTravel – It evokes a feeling of excitement and happiness, ideal for family travel agencies.

9. GatewayGurus – This username conjures up images of experts in the travel industry, making it ideal for professional travel agencies.

10. DreamDestinationsInc – A name that speaks to people’s fantasies and aspirations, making it a memorable choice.

DreamScape Travel

DreamScape Travel is a unique and memorable travel agency username that speaks to the imagination of travel enthusiasts who are looking for an escape from their everyday lives.

If you are thinking of starting a travel agency, here are the top 10 travel agency usernames to help you stand out in a crowded market:

1. Wandering Soul Travel
2. Journey Beyond
3. Globe Trekker Adventures
4. The Roaming Gnome Travel Co.
5. Wanderlust Expeditions
6. Footprints Travel Agency
7. Explore More Travel
8. Wayfarers Travel Co.
9. Horizon Unlimited
10. Adventurous Journeys

Your username should reflect your brand vision and values, and create an emotional connection with your target audience.

Pro Tip: Choose a username that is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.

Why it made the list

The selected travel agency usernames made the list because they are simple, catchy, and memorable, making them stand out from the rest. Each of these usernames is unique and conveys a clear message, making them easily recognizable and relatable to the travel industry.

The top 10 travel agency usernames are as follows:

1. WanderlustAdventures

2. TheVoyageVibes

3. RoamingRoutes

4. JetsetJourneys

5. TravelTripper

6. GlobetrottingGuru

7. ExploreEscapades

8. JourneyJunkies

9. TripTrotters

10. AdventureAwaitsNow

These usernames are perfect for attracting potential customers to your travel agency, promoting your brand, and standing out from your competitors.

Odyssey Escapes

Odyssey Escapes is a unique and catchy username for a travel agency that offers people a chance to embark on fascinating journeys. Apart from this, we have created a list of the top 10 travel agency usernames that are sure to catch the eye of any wanderlust-stricken traveller.

WanderLuxe: This username is a perfect fit for a luxury travel agency that offers tailor-made and high-end travel packages.

RoamingGnome: An ideal username for an agency that offers quirky and offbeat travel experiences with a touch of humour.

AdventureAwaits: A username that signifies the thrill and excitement of an upcoming adventure.

SkySafari: This username is perfect for a travel agency that offers a mix of adventure and luxury, such as hot air balloon rides or private safaris.

TripTastic: A fun and energetic username that conveys the excitement and enjoyment of travelling.

ExploreMore: A simple and catchy username that highlights the never-ending quest for exploration and discovery.

JetSetGo: A trendy and fashionable username that signifies luxury and indulgence in travel.

RouteEscapes: A username that portrays the journey as much as the destination, perfect for an agency that provides road trips and scenic drives.

SailAway: A nautical-inspired username that is apt for an agency that offers cruises, yacht charters, or island hopping.

TrekTopia: A username that caters to the adventurous and outdoorsy traveler who loves trekking, hiking, and camping.

Why it made the list

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Wondrous Wayfarer

The Wondrous Wayfarer is a great username for a travel agency that wants to convey a sense of adventure and exploration to its customers. Here are the top 10 travel agency usernames that can be inspiring and eye-catching for their target audience:

1. Globetrotter Guru
2. Roaming Roads
3. Vagabond Ventures
4. Travel Trekker
5. Excursion Expert
6. Destination Dreamer
7. Odyssey Outfitters
8. Journey Jester
9. Adventure Advocate
10. Footloose and Fancy Free.

These names play with alliteration, rhyme, and word association to resonate with the travel-loving community.

Pro Tip: Choose a name that is unique, memorable, and easy to spell.

Why it made the list

The top 10 travel agency usernames are a collection of unique and catchy names that will make your travel business stand out from the competition. Each of these usernames has been carefully selected based on its ability to grab the attention of potential clients and convey a sense of adventure and excitement.

The reason why each username made the list is that they are all easy to remember, reflect the travel agency’s ethos, and are available to use across various platforms.

Pro Tip: When choosing a username for your travel agency, try to go for something that is not only catchy and relevant but also reflects your brand and offers a hint about what services you offer. And before finalising the username, be sure to check if it’s available on all relevant platforms to maintain consistency.

Voyager Vacations

Voyager Vacations is a top travel agency that offers excellent vacation packages and travel deals to various destinations around the world. However, if you’re looking for some inspiring travel agency usernames to follow on social media, here are the top 10 picks for you:

1. TheWanderingGoose
2. RoamingGnomeTours
3. JetSetJourneys
4. OdysseyAdventures
5. GetawayGurus
6. TrekkingTrio
7. WanderLustWorld
8. SojournSquad
9. ExcursionExperts
10. TourTastic.

These usernames reflect creativity and adventure, catering to different travel preferences and styles. Moreover, following these travel agencies provides quality travel inspirations, tips, and insights for your next trip.

Why it made the list

The travel agency usernames that made it to the top 10 list did so because they stand out from the crowd and are memorable to potential clients.

These agencies have come up with unique and catchy usernames that reflect their brand identity and services. Some examples include:

1. TripSavvy – This username emphasises their expertise and knowledge in the travel industry.

2. JetSetter – This username is memorable and alludes to their premium travel services.

3. Wanderlust – This username captures the essence of travel and adventure.

4. Nomadness – This username is catchy and appeals to the free-spirited and adventurous traveller.

5. Travelista – This username is feminine and trendy and attracts women travellers.

These usernames help these travel agencies create a distinct brand identity and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Global Getaways

The top 10 travel agency usernames you can follow for global getaways are:

1. @travelandleisure: Known for its stunning travel photography and curated travel guides, their Instagram feed is a blissful escape to different parts of the world.

2. @lonelyplanet: With over 4 million followers, Lonely Planet’s Instagram account is a great source of travel inspiration and tips through picture-perfect snaps and engaging stories.

3. @cntraveler: Another popular travel publication, Conde Nast Traveler’s Instagram account features breathtaking travel images from around the globe, as well as informative travel guides and recommendations.

4. @beautifuldestinations: Aptly named, their Instagram feed is filled with visually compelling photos and videos of stunning destinations worldwide.

5. @passionpassport: Their Instagram account sources travel photos from their community of travellers around the world, highlighting unique perspectives and breathtaking locales.

6. @airbnb: As one of the most popular online travel booking platforms, Airbnb’s account offers a glimpse into unique and inspiring vacation rentals around the world.

7. @travelnoire: Dedicated to providing resources and inspiration for travellers of colour, Travel Noire’s Instagram feed includes stories and photos of destinations worldwide from a more diverse perspective.

8. @fodorstravel: One of the world’s leading travel guides, Fodor’s Instagram account features travel recommendations and stunning photographs to pique your wanderlust.

9. @afarmedia: AFAR Media’s Instagram account features a collection of travel stories and experiences that cater to wanderlust enthusiasts with a thirst for adventure and discovery.

10. @natgeotravel: Renowned for their stunning nature and wildlife photography, National Geographic’s travel account showcases some of the most remote and exotic destinations on the planet.

Pro Tip: Follow multiple travel agency usernames to get a diverse range of stunning, informative, and inspiring travel content daily.

Why it made the list

The reason why a specific username made it to the top 10 list of travel agency usernames is because of its uniqueness, creativity, and relevance to the travel industry.

A great travel agency username should convey a sense of adventure, evoke positive emotions, and be easy to remember for potential clients. It should also reflect the identity and values of the agency.

For instance, a username like “Wanderlust_Adventures” made the list because it captures the essence of travelling and implies a sense of excitement and curiosity. While “Jetsetters_Experience” reflects a luxurious and high-end travel experience.

Choosing the right username can also help increase brand recognition and attract more clients to your agency.

Expedition Express

Expedition Express is an exciting and unique username that can be used for a travel agency. When it comes to choosing a username that represents your brand, it’s essential to choose one that is catchy, memorable, and easy to remember.

Here are the top 10 travel agency usernames that you can consider:

1. Wanderlust World
2. Vista Vacations
3. Destination Dreamers
4. Roaming Around
5. Globe Trotters
6. Adventurous Souls
7. Wandering Nomads
8. Travel Tribe
9. Jetsetters Journey
10. Journey Junkies

These usernames are not only unique but also represent the travel industry and the excitement of exploring new destinations. By using one of these usernames, you can create a strong and memorable brand identity for your travel agency that will attract customers and build trust.

Pro tip- Always try to pick a username that is short and easy to remember.

Why it made the list

The reason why a particular username made it to the list of the Top 10 Travel Agency Usernames is because it captured the essence of the travel industry, was unique, catchy and memorable.

For instance:

WanderingSoul: This username made the list because of its poetic yet straightforward appeal. It perfectly captures the spirit of travel and exploration.

JetSetters: This username is simple, catchy, and easy to remember, making it a perfect choice for a travel agency.

TravelGenius: This username is unique and stands out from the crowd. It suggests that the company is not just any travel agency but is run by someone with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

By selecting the right username for their travel agency, businesses can create a strong online presence, attract customers, and stand out from their competitors.


Destination Discovery

Destination discovery begins with the right travel agency username. Here are the top 10 travel agency usernames that will inspire you to book your next adventure:

1. Wanderlust Adventures: This username perfectly captures the essence of travel – a strong desire to explore the world.

2. Globe Trotters: Globe Trotters is a classic and fun username that conveys a sense of adventure and excitement.

3. Jet Set Go: This username is perfect for the traveller who loves luxury and is always on the go.

4. Nomadic Ventures: Nomadic Ventures is an ideal username for travellers who want to live a nomadic lifestyle and experience new cultures.

5. Roaming Roads: A simple and catchy username that evokes a sense of exploration and freedom.

6. Odyssey Travel Co: This username alludes to the epic journeys of Odysseus in Greek mythology and promises new and exciting adventures.

7. Voyage Vixens: A wordplay on “voyage” and “vixen”, this username is ideal for the female traveller who loves to explore the world.

8. Trail Blazers: Trail Blazers is a strong and adventurous username that captures the spirit of exploration and venturing off the beaten path.

9. Adventure Abounds: This username is perfect for travellers seeking thrilling and exciting adventures.

10. Sojourn Adventures: Sojourn means a temporary stay, making this username great for travellers who enjoy taking short but meaningful trips.

Why it made the list

This section of the article on the Top 10 Travel Agency Usernames explains why a particular username was selected for the list and what makes it stand out from others.

For example, if the username “WanderlustHoppers” made the list, the article would explain that it was chosen because it creatively combines two travel-related words, “wanderlust” and “hoppers,” to convey a sense of adventure and exploration. The article might also mention that the use of alliteration makes the name easy to remember and catchy.

By providing this information, readers can gain insights into the process of creating a memorable and effective username for their own travel agency. They can learn from the examples and apply the same principles in their business.

Pro-tip: When choosing a username, think about what makes your company unique and convey that message creatively through the name.