10 Travel Destinations For Single Females


Traveling alone as a single woman has almost always been seen as a very risky and ill-advised endeavor. Of course, it’s not particularly safe nowadays either, especially in some parts of the world. Still, single women have more, better, easier, and safer travel opportunities today than they have had all throughout human history. So, what are the best 10 travel destinations for single females in 2024 and what makes a place good for single women to go to?

What Makes A Place Good For Solo Female Travel?

Many of the five factors below are self-explanatory, and they also apply to solo male travelers too. However, some are even more crucial in the context of women traveling alone:

  • Safety – unfortunately, there are still dozens of countries across the globe where inequality and violence against women are commonplace. This makes it all the more important that solo female travelers look exclusively for countries that are safe, at least relative to most others.
  • Affordability – a big factor for solo travel, whether you’re a man or a woman, is that you’re doing it on a single income. This means that, unless you’re particularly wealthy, you’d likely want to budget your finances and look for more affordable countries, or at least for countries that have decent, affordable travel and stay options.
  • Accessibility – another big factor in solo travel is accessibility. There is an inherent convenience to traveling with a buddy, as carrying your luggage, switching from place to place, and other general logistics become much more manageable. If you’re traveling alone, you’d want to be extra diligent with planning your travel routes, and that’s much easier if the place you’re at is as accessible as possible.
  • Amenities – every traveler needs some basic amenities to always be within reach. Healthcare products, food, emergency resources, and other such things need to always be easy to get to. This is true for people of all genders but is especially true for women, who tend to often need a wider assortment of toiletries and healthcare products.
  • Cool things to see – this is self-explanatory, but places that don’t have much to see or many interesting things to do there, naturally aren’t that great as travel destinations, whether you’re a woman or man, single or not, and so on.

Which Are The 10 Travel Destinations For Single Females Today?

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the safest countries for solo travel today, especially for women. Both the north and south islands of New Zealand are also full of amazing sights to see and places to explore. For ladies with a passion for hiking and trekking and for those with an undying love for the Lord of the Rings movies, which were shot in New Zealand, this island country is inarguably the best place to visit.


Europe’s westernmost country has long been considered as one of the safest, best, and most enjoyable destinations for solo travelers who want the perfect combination of sightseeing, comfort, sunny beaches, historical landmarks, and beautiful nature. The country isn’t all that expensive for a Western European nation either, which is also perfect.


South America isn’t often seen as a safe destination for solo female travelers, but that has slowly started to change for some Latin countries. Guatemala is a prime example of that, as there have been lots of great tour routes, hostels, and sightseeing destinations popping up all across the country. Guatemala’s infrastructure has also greatly improved over recent years, and the country is quite affordable for travelers, too.


For many Westerners, Thailand is famous for the thousands upon thousands of Thai brides trying to find Western husbands through mail-order bride sites. This in no way means that Thailand isn’t safe for women travelers, however.


On the contrary – Thailand is one of the most modernized and safest countries to visit in Asia, and it also has one of the most egalitarian cultures, perfectly compatible with what you’d expect from a 21st-century developed nation. What’s more, Thailand also offers countless amazing sights to see, from its awesome and lively urban centers to its fascinating historical landmarks and natural vistas.

Sri Lanka

The small and scenic island nation of Sri Lanka sits near the coasts of India and is one of the easiest and best travel destinations for single women who want to visit a safe and beautiful tropical paradise. It’s great if you’re a passionate backpacker, it’s awesome if you want to chill on a beach all day, and it has lots of awesome historical wonders to see too.


Japan has quite a few internal gender equality issues, as it comes 125th out of 146 countries in terms of its gender gap. However, for tourists from other countries, both male and female, Japan is one of the safest and best countries to visit, thanks to its respectful culture, societal etiquette, and hospitable traditions. Besides, there are countless amazing sights to see in Japan, and the country is very modern and easy to travel through.


Australia has everything a solo traveler might want, whether male or female. This large country has countless miles of scenic routes, hiking opportunities, amazing beaches, beautiful and accessible mountains, unique wildlife, as well as large, gorgeous, modern, and lively cities for the more urban-minded tourists. The visa process for Australia is also relatively simple and the country is very multiethnic, egalitarian, and safe for travelers from all over the globe.


The world’s oldest democracy is another great place to visit if you are a solo female traveler. Of course, back in the days when Greece “invented democracy,” that didn’t include women.


Today, however, Greece is a very egalitarian, modern EU country that’s very safe and amenable to solo travelers of either gender. What’s more, Greece is a fantastic tourist destination for anyone who loves calm, isolated, sunny, and clean beaches and lively nightlife.


Few European countries are safer for women or more enjoyable to visit than the Czech Republic. The nature and old cities in Czechia are both incredibly beautiful, the food, drinks, and accommodations are very affordable, and the country as a whole is very modern and respectful toward visitors from any country and of any gender.


While, for Americans, Vietnam may not be automatically synonymous with safety, the country is one of the safest destinations in all of Asia, right alongside Thailand. This includes urban tourism in cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, as well as backpacking through the country’s mountains, jungle treks, islands, or beaches. Vietnam also has lots of historical landmarks, ancient temples, and cities to explore – the country offers everything a tourist might want.


Of course, none of the above is necessarily meant to generalize women – there are ladies who like spending their vacations chilling on a beach in the Maldives, and there are ladies who would rather go through the Middle East on a bike alone. Either is perfectly valid as long as you’re doing what you like and you’re being safe doing it.