What to Look for in Airline Loyalty Programs to Assess If They’re Worthwhile


Loyalty programs have been around for decades, but one of the most famous is that of Air Miles. Created by the British business entrepreneur who’s also behind supermarket loyalty program Nectar, Sir Keith Mills, Air Miles started in November 1988 in the UK. Later, the company, Loyalty Management Group, was snapped up by a Canadian firm to operate loyalty programs in Canada, the Netherlands, and across the Middle East.

In any case, airlines have long adopted loyalty programs, be it Air Miles or a similar program to compete with the Air Miles phenomenon. Some loyalty programs are good enough, in fact, that siding with a more expensive or less ideal airline can prove to be more beneficial. There’s a lot to weigh up when most respectable airlines offer a loyalty program, so here, we’ll have a look at why they matter and how to find ones that are worthwhile.

Competing Over Bonuses and Promotions

Some will naturally see a loyalty program and its many promotions as a nice little bonus on top of what you would already be paying. However, in industries that become competitive, these very perks become key battlegrounds, which only helps to make the scene more user-friendly. As a result, some do end up being far better than others – especially when all of the offers can be seen with ease online.

You can think of searching for the best airline loyalty programs in the same way as you would just signing up for an online casino. The advertised value doesn’t tell the whole story. There are other aspects: players can get a deposit match, a one-off welcome bonus, or free spins, and they need to check the wagering requirements. new online casinos have these points scrutinised as the bonuses are key selling points.


As such, this should be applied to all kinds of loyalty or welcome bonuses. Delve into how much true value they actually offer, how difficult it is to get better promotions and perks, and if the trade-off of not using a different airline is worthwhile. Airline loyalty programs or frequent flyer programs can offer perks on the costs of tickets, luggage, give better seats, offer lounge access, cheaper upgrades, and put into the priority check-in.

Setting the Bar for a Comprehensive Loyalty Program

Your travel plans can’t always align with your favourite airlines as not every airline flies into every airport. Still, knowing what some of the best loyalty programs offer can help set the bar for what to look for in others when you’re comparing for your trip. The Flying Blue loyalty program sets a good standard for rewards and airlines, with 35 different airlines being a part of the scheme headlined by Air France and KLM.


You can cash in the earned Miles on promo reward tickets to hot destinations, upgrade your flights, get extra baggage, lounge access, and at the Flying Blue Store. At Platinum Level, which is the fourth tier and requires only three times more XP than the second tier, you get more Miles per euro spent, extra baggage, and free lounge access for you and a guest. It’s a clear-cut program that offers a lot in return and two different ways to earn increased rewards.

Whether you fly out once a year on holiday or frequently jet around the world, be sure that you’re not missing out by joining the wrong, or worse, not joining an airline loyalty program.