Travel Destinations: Which Caribbean Island Is For You?

Caribbean beach

The Caribbean islands are a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers from around the world, who can easily book an eticket to this location.

Okay, sure, take a few seconds to absorb that stunning revelation. It’s not new information, but it is worth focusing on. We all know about the beautiful beaches, stunning resorts, and backdrops that will light up any Instagram that they grace. It seems idyllic – largely because it is. That’s why hundreds of thousands of people descend on the islands every year, making the region one of the most visited in the world.

We all know about the beautiful beaches, the crystal blue waters, the stunning resorts – and if that’s all you’re after, you’ve got plenty of choice.

caribbean sunset

There are, however, more islands in the Caribbean than you could name without having to look them up. The headliners tend to be Jamaica; put on the map by its breathtaking scenery and the wonders of its sprinting, especially with Usain Bolt. The other island to receive top billing is Barbados; so well known it has become a byword for a luxurious holiday.

Wonderful as these two islands are – and there is no denying that’s the case – there is more to the Caribbean, as those such as the have explored. There are more islands to explore, destinations to uncover, and more wonders to be had. This image, for example…

Dominican Republic beach

… is of the Dominican Republic. Looks perfect, doesn’t it? It’s definitely time to learn about the islands beyond the usual names for your next Caribbean getaway.

Hop To Haiti

Haiti’s recent history could reasonably be described as “turbulent”. An earthquake in 2010 devastated the country and added to a strain that was placed on it by years of political turmoil. This should not distract, however, from the attractions for holidaymakers who enjoy exploring.


If you enjoy hiking, then the spectacular mountains overlooking Port au Prince will get – and keep – your attention. At the end of a long day taking in the wild scenery, the nightlife is just what you need to blow the cobwebs away.

Peace On The Other Side: The Dominican Republic

It’s often easy to forget that Haiti and the Dominican Republic share an island, but they do. Hispaniola has the rugged Haiti to the west, and the serene beaches of Dominica in the east. The latter is filled with perfect white sand beach as shown above and more luxurious resorts than you could ever dream of. You can visit both without having to set foot on another plane ride; Hispaniola is small enough to pack in two holidays in one.

An Eye For Vintage Charm? Cuba Is For You

The recent past has seen Cuba open up in a way that children of the 1970s and 80s would have struggled to imagine. If you’re too young to remember the history, then provide a great overview.

In the modern day, travel restrictions have been lifted, allowing more tourists to go and enjoy the remarkable aesthetic on show on the island.


Despite years of authoritarian government, Cuba has a loose and relaxed charm that is typified by its music and dance. Vintage Cadillacs are a main mode of transport, and if the 1950s American look does anything for you, then you’ll love the general look of Cuba.

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Travel Destinations: Which Caribbean Island Is For You? Travel Destinations: Which Caribbean Island Is For You?