Learn a New Skill and See the World

Learn a New Skill and See the World

Living abroad is an eye-opening experience and there are a number of ways you can go about making this dream a reality.

Teaching English is a passport to employment around the globe, and available fitness instructor jobs may also help you to get a one way ticket to foreign lands.

But if you don’t have qualifications in either, don’t worry as you can easily train for both professions in a relatively short amount of time.


Some Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses allow you to become certified after just four weeks, and they can give you the basic tools – and confidence – you need to set foot into a classroom for the first time.

While becoming a proficient teacher comes with experience, a TEFL course can arm you with a good grasp of English grammar, tips for planning an effective lesson, ideas on how to motivate learners and suggestions for classroom discipline and lesson timings.

Many courses offer practice teaching sessions in which an experienced professor watches you as you teach a class and then gives you feedback – in fact steer away from courses which do not have this as a component as it is really is useful.

Once you feel confident, it’s time to apply for a job!

Learn a New Skill and See the World

Fitness Instructor

For the sportier among you, becoming a fitness instructor can also be a rewarding, lucrative and hassle-free way to see the world while earning money.

Some courses offer six weeks hands-on training meaning you can be certified in no time at all. You can learn how to motivate clients as well as how to conduct sessions in activities such as circuit training, sports nutrition, and Zumba.

Many courses also offer training in anatomy and physiology, how to maintain the health, safety and welfare of those you look after in a fitness class, how to programme courses for different clients and how to communicate effectively when teaching a class.

Do one of these courses and you will be armed with an internationally recognised certificate to help you take your new skills out of the gym and around the world.

Where will it take you?