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Travel Destinations: Which Caribbean Island Is For You?

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Three Off the Beaten Path Islands to Add to Your Philippines Hopping Tour

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Top Hotels for a Miami Beach Dream Vacation

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Made all the Difference: Enjoy a Beach Adventure in Costa Mesa, Treasure Island, Atlantic City, Gulf Shores, and Santa Cruz

22 July 2016 Enjoy a Beach Adventure in Costa Mesa, Treasure Island, Atlantic City, Gulf Shores, and Santa Cruz This post was originally published on the Made all the Difference travel blog by Jennifer on March 29th, 2016.  Summer is about enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. With over 90,000 ... read more

Chic and Cozy Sanibel Hotels for a Perfect Island Getaway

6 October 2015 If an island getaway is your perfect choice for a vacation, then look no further than Sanibel, Florida. This island paradise has everything you might be looking for — beachfront ... read more

Discover Tenerife

22 July 2013 If you thought Tenerife was all about big nights out and long lazy days on the beach, think again. Yes, you’ll find plenty of this on the island’s southern shores ... read more

Unplanned Trips and Traveling with Pets Don’t Always Mix Well

16 July 2013 The best trips are the ones you go on the spur of the moment. That is something I strongly believe in. That is why when my good friend Alexandra came ... read more