Bed Bugs Take over British Hotels

Bed bugs, also known as Cimicidae, are one of the biggest problem of tourists in Britain. This week alone over 42,000 references to bed bugs were found in customer feedback posted on travel website TripAdvisor. British pest control firm Rentokil Plc confirmed the bad bug problem and said there has been a 24% increase in bed bug jobs over the last year in Britain.

“Bed bugs are a worldwide and growing problem,” Rentokil Technical Director Savvas Othon told Reuters. “People carry bed bugs unknowingly in clothes and bags…” Pest controller Mark Astley said the problem in London encouraged him to switch careers from IT consultant and he has seen such a surge in demand that he has acquired a dog trained to sniff out bed bugs in order to speed detection.

Astley also explained that bed bugs hide in bed frames, headboards, skirting, wall and ceiling cracks, behind light switches and can drop on you from the ceiling. There are signs of a bed bug infestation that tourists can detect: tt smells sweetish, like almonds, or you can notice black spots on furniture, as well as blood spots on bedding, carpets and walls.

What can you do to try and avoid or get rid of bed bugs? Bed bugs hate smooth surfaces so try sleeping  in a hotel bath or keep your luggage there; or tumble dry your soft luggage on high heat for 20 minutes after a trip to kill bugs in it to make sure you don’t take them home with you.

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