An Escape to the Greek Allure


Our lives have changed drastically in the past year. The pandemic has impacted life as we know it, be it working from home for a year to a complete lockdown on traveling across the world. 

We have been daydreaming for the past year to plan that much-needed vacation. Though the idea of an escape seems a little distant currently, we can consistently research and be ready for the days when the borders internationally would open up and allow tourism. 

Greece, a travel bucket list favorite, a dreamy destination with picturesque towns, clear blue waters, delicious cuisine, and a bustling nightlife. Walking the quaint cobblestone paths leading to beautiful whitewashed villas will make you feel like you are a part of a sweet rom-com film. The delicious Greek cuisine will keep your tastebuds satiated. So till we can physically visit this gorgeous country, let us take a trip to the sunny Greek islands via our screens and satisfy the travel bug in us. 


Interesting facts about the Greek Isles:

  1. The Greek Isles are made of a total of 6000 islands, while only 227 islands are inhabited. Each island has a unique cultural identity which makes each visit a new experience. 
  2. Greece is home to 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Medieval City of Rhodes, the Temple of Apollo, and the Acropolis of Athens have 16 of these sites. Mount Meteora and Mount Athos have high natural and cultural importance. 
  3. The olive angle: Greece is the third-largest producer of olives in the world after Spain and Italy. 
  4. We have Greece to thank for giving us democracy and philosophy. Hippocrates- the father of medicine, is a Greek, and the famous Hippocratic Oath that all medical professionals take, originated from Greece. A majority of ancient world history finds itself connected to the Greek Islands.

The Greek Isles


With its pristine beaches, whitewashed houses set against the clear blue skies, Santorini offers the perfect romantic getaway for honeymooning couples. You must have wished to visit this heavenly place after coming across the beautifully photographed pictures of Santorini island all over your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. The island possesses beaches with golden sands and black sand. Yes, you heard that right black sand! Due to the volcanic rock make of the island, the beaches have different sand colors. 



The famous nightclubs make Mykonos a popular island with all the party lovers who enjoy celebrating the entire day and night. Mykonos has some wonderful restaurants serving lip-smacking Greek cuisine. You cannot miss visiting this island on your Greek sojourn. 



The capital city of Greece is full of ancient historical sites. It is also known as one of the oldest cities in the world, with a historical heritage spanning back to almost 3,400 years. The Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Byzantine and Christian Museum, and many more historical wonders make Athens a delight for a history buff.