Top 5 Offbeat Travel Destinations for 2021

We have all missed going out to different places, traveling all over the world with friends, and visiting family over the past year. With lockdowns being slightly relaxed in different countries as the pandemic temporarily gets better, one of the most inviting activities for 2021 has become traveling.

Since things are seemingly looking up this year with vaccinations and rigorous testing on the rise, here is a list of the top 5 offbeat travel destinations for 2021 that you can visit with your family, friends, or partner!

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1. The Maldives

If you love beaches and open spaces, Maldives should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit. The beautiful sprawling beaches of Malé, Kudahuvadoo, and Dhangethi will leave you starry-eyed, and you can go snorkeling, marketing, eat delicious seafood and coconut-based specialties, or even rent out your own private villa at a resort right in the middle of the ocean. Even though access to alcohol is limited according to law, you can pick up your favorite drink at the airport free of duty or order cocktails from the licensed bar at the resort island.

2. Kenya

Over the past couple of years, Kenya has become quite a tourist hotspot because of its stunning landscapes and the abundance of wildlife and forests. This generally means that the best places are booked weeks in advance, but due to travel restrictions, sites like Eden, Giraffe Manor, Angama Mara, and others are available for visiting. For those who want to explore, there are safaris and camping expeditions too!

3. Egypt

One of the bedrocks of the ancient world, Egypt is home to– which is why the place has instant appeal for people who love history, architecture, and culture. You can go hot air ballooning, visit the ruins and the Pyramids of Giza, go to the markets for a taste of the local air, or even view the massive collection of artifacts at the Grand Egyptian Museum which is slated to open this year.

4. Crete, Greece

Move over, Santorini! With its breathtaking views across beaches like Chania, Phalasarna, and Heraklion and mouth-watering Hellenic cuisine that includes moussaka and dakos among others, Crete is certain to leave visitors spell-bound. Often overlooked because of the popularity of other cities in Greece, Crete remains one of the largest, most beautiful locations in the country and provides a unique, authentic perspective into Greek culture and life.

5. The Pyrenees

If you hear the mountains calling out to you, then a visit to the Pyrenees mountain range is a must. The formidable barrier between France and Spain, along with extensive views of pristine lakes and rolling hills, also has picturesque hiking trails with group tours, adventure-filled skiing resorts, serene national parks, and canyoning for the lion-hearted ones. There are great gastronomic experiences for the foodies as well – since it is the meeting point of diverse cultures, you can find European delicacies and fine wine aplenty here. 

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