Top travel Destinations for History Lovers


Traveling is indeed an investment and not expenditure. This is so because you get to learn so much. A few elements which you just cannot escape are the language, the food habits, the dress sense, the folk tales and other related things. This is why it is recommended that each year you must go at least on one trip. Traveling is particularly fun for those who love to explore and also admire history. Read ahead to know more about the destinations that you should definitely go to if you are a history lover.

  1. Agra, India: India is a land that is famous all over the globe due to its rich cultural presence and heritage. Out of the so many states and cities that are there in the world’s largest democracy, Agra is a location which has been visited by top world leaders. This is because Agra is home to the one and only Taj Mahal. This is a monument which has been regarded as the symbol of love that Emperor Shah Jahan had dedicated to his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Though there are speculations about this story, it has been accepted all over.
  2. Cairo, Egypt: Do you remember the history lessons that we had in school when we first got to know about Egypt? Well, it was surely exciting to learn about the Great Pyramids of Giza, the hieroglyphics, the Sphinx and life after death. That is exactly the moment since when even history buff must have had a deep desire to visit the land of the Nile which is so diverse and unique. In fact, if this is not enough, I would also like to remind you of Cleopatra who was considered to be one of the most beautiful women ever who bathed in milk!
  3. Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Cambodia is a destination that everyone must visit at least once. It is a very cheap holiday destination that is not just pocket-friendly but also extremely breathtaking. Well, it is obvious that every temple has its own story to tell. Similar is the case with Angkor Wat. It is a temple that has stood against the test time for years innumerable now and that is why globetrotters from all over the world go to see this beauty and try to capture in it their camera lenses.
  4. Amsterdam, Europe: Last but definitely not the least, Amsterdam is one of the most luxurious places that any history lover can go to. A few points of interest here are the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum for all lovers of art. The paintings here are exceptional and well preserved. The home of Anne Frank is also a delight for those who have read her diary and know how difficult it was for her to survive during the war. Also, this is a city which has a very strong canal system that its own story to tell and you can go on a number of boat rides in the evening when the lights come on.