Distance Between Kansas City And St. Louis – Facts You Didn’t Know

Distance Between Kansas City And St. Louis

Distance Between Kansas City And St. Louis

When it comes to the distance between Kansas City and St. Louis, many travelers are curious about the driving time and mileage. So, let’s dive into the specifics of this journey.

The approximate driving distance between Kansas City and St. Louis is around 250 miles. Now, depending on traffic conditions, road construction, or other unforeseen circumstances, this travel time may vary slightly. However, with an average speed of 60-70 miles per hour on highways, you can expect to cover this distance in roughly 3-4 hours.

As you embark on your road trip from Kansas City to St. Louis, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the picturesque landscapes of Missouri along the way. From charming small towns to rolling hills and scenic farmlands, there’s plenty to admire during your drive.

To start your journey eastward from Kansas City, hop onto Interstate 70 (I-70) heading towards St. Louis. This well-maintained highway offers a smooth ride throughout most parts of the year.

As you pass through Columbia and Jefferson City en route to St. Louis, take a moment to soak in some local history if time allows. These cities boast fascinating landmarks such as historic buildings, museums, and even beautiful parks where you can stretch your legs before continuing on your way.


Route Options For Traveling Between Kansas City And St. Louis

  1. I-70: The most direct and commonly traveled route is via Interstate 70, which connects Kansas City to St. Louis in approximately 3-4 hours, depending on traffic conditions. This major highway offers a smooth journey with well-maintained roads, multiple rest areas, and numerous dining and fuel options along the way.
  2. US-50: For those who prefer a more scenic drive with less traffic congestion, US-50 presents an alternative route option between the two cities. This road winds through picturesque countryside landscapes, quaint towns, and rural communities, providing a charming experience for road trip enthusiasts.
  3. MO-94: If you’re looking to explore some of Missouri’s beautiful wine country while traveling from Kansas City to St. Louis, consider taking MO-94. This route passes through stunning vineyards and wineries in Hermann and Augusta regions, allowing you to indulge in wine tasting experiences along the way.

Scenic Routes To Explore Between Kansas City And St. Louis

  1. Katy Trail State Park: Considered one of America’s premier rail-trails, Katy Trail State Park stretches over 240 miles across Missouri’s diverse landscapes alongside the Missouri River. Take a detour from I-70 or US-50 to experience this breathtaking trail that offers opportunities for hiking, biking, bird-watching, and immersing yourself in the state’s natural beauty.
  2. Route 66: For history buffs and nostalgia seekers, a portion of the iconic Route 66 runs between Kansas City and St. Louis. This historic highway takes you on a journey back in time, passing through small towns, quirky roadside attractions, and vintage diners that embody the spirit of classic Americana.
  3. Missouri River Scenic Byway: If you’re looking for a route that offers stunning river views and glimpses into Missouri’s rich heritage, consider taking the Missouri River Scenic Byway. This scenic drive follows along the banks of the majestic Missouri River, providing opportunities to visit charming riverfront towns like Jefferson City and Hermann while reveling in picturesque landscapes.

Estimated Time To Reach St. Louis From Kansas City

  1. By Car:
    • Driving from Kansas City to St. Louis typically takes around 3-4 hours, depending on traffic conditions and your preferred route.
    • The most common route is via Interstate 70, which offers a direct and efficient path between the two cities.
    • It’s important to note that heavy traffic during peak travel times or inclement weather can significantly impact travel duration, so planning ahead and checking real-time traffic updates can be beneficial.
  1. By Train:
    • Another option for traveling between these two cities is by train.
    • Amtrak operates several daily trains connecting Kansas City Union Station with St. Louis Gateway Transportation Center.
    • The duration of the train journey varies depending on the specific train you choose, but generally ranges from around 5-6 hours.
  1. By Air:
    • For those seeking a quicker way to reach St. Louis from Kansas City, flying is an excellent choice.
    • Several airlines offer regular flights between Kansas City International Airport (MCI) and Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL).
    • Flight durations range from around 45 minutes to an hour, providing a convenient option for travelers who prioritize speed.

Ultimately, the estimated time it takes to reach St. Louis from Kansas City will depend on various factors such as mode of transportation chosen, prevailing traffic or weather conditions, and personal preferences regarding convenience versus speed.