Travel Guide: 5-Star Expedition Of Sun, Sand, Spa & Succulence in Dubai

Travel Guide Dubai

Ever since Dubai came onto the international scene for grandeur, splendor, wealth beyond comprehension, skyscrapers, sun, beaches and cocktails, very little destinations can compare. Way back in 2007 it was still little known to many Westerners, but that soon changed as many Hollywood movies took advantage of the setting now clearly known as the ‘jewel of the Arab world.’ There’s a flair in the air, something that’s distinctly Middle Eastern, but blends in Western culture as well. Wealthy, cultured and well-travelled affluent types all have Dubai high up in their list of must-go destinations. Whether you want to rent a Lamborghini and spit flames out the exhaust on the many long open highways or ride a camel at the beach while watching the sunset, Dubai has got it all. The real question is, what can’t you do in Dubai? Some of the best activities and attractions deserve a little recognition, so you know where to go and what to do.

Dubai desert safari

A focused itinerary

Never before has there been so much to do, in just one city. The United Arab Emirates is a country is deserts, sand, camels and the usual Middle Eastern hustle and bustle of bazaars, hookah bars, and twilight tea meetings. Let someone who knows their way around take charge for you and book the Dubai best deal. A concierge service first originated in Europe, but in the city that has buildings that touch the face of God, it’s a way to access anything and everything. From pools, local tours, brunch at the beach, riding around in a beastly 4-by-4 in an off-road excursion, to helicoptering to the roof of a skyscraper to have dinner under the stars.   

Dubai by night

The most sublime hotel

The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel is the tallest hotel in the world, standing at staggering 355 unopposed meters. With 76 stories, the panoramic views are out of this world. The luxury inside is that of a New York City penthouse. The modern decor is splendidly balanced, the rooms are spacious, and pillows are soft and fluffy. With over 1,600 rooms, the hotel is split into two identical towers facing each other as king and queen of the city. It’s a 5-star establishment, and room service, waiters, chefs, receptionists and general help are waiting for your beck and call.

Bask in the sun

One of the best relaxation specialists in the world. The Assawan Spa & Health Club has a soothing interior, akin to the bath houses of hammams throughout the mysterious lands of ancient Middle East. No doubt a leftover trait from the invading Romans, the spa has beautiful Egyptian vibe with great use of zig-zag turquoise and golden yellow pillars. The pool is amazingly clear, and just as clean. The water feels like silk and the masseuse are world experts in their craft, able to get out any tension in your muscles.

Yemen Cuisine

Although Dubai welcomes international cuisine, there’s nothing quite like the cuisine that the nomadic people of the region eat. Purely authentic, the Al Tawasol serves rich dishes, infused with spices, herbs, and ingredients that previously only the aristocracy could afford. The house special is Mandi; it’s marinated bird, which has been seared, then roasted. It’s coated in a Yemeni spice rub and served on a bed of juicy white rice. Guests are instructed how to eat by the waiters after finding a cozy spot on the carpet floor where you shall dine. All must eat with their right hand only, picking food off the metal tray. It’s custom for the men and women to be separated, as well as male staff for men and vice versa. However, if you would like to enjoy your meal with your female companion, you can ask to be seated in the majlis area.

Travel Guide: 5-Star Expedition Of Sun, Sand, Spa & Succulence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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  1. Just had to comment on this article, as it’s a great balance. Usually Dubai articles are all bling – and the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is a great tip BTW (especially with the Entertainer two for one hotel nights) – but this post has some cultured substance and nuance.

    Thankyou for promoting some of the less well-known aspects of Dubai, e.g. the cruise and traditional aspects.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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