Travel, Culture and the Taste of Food

Man preparing pizzaDid you notice how a country-specific cuisine tasted differently in said country and abroad? Chinese food tastes differently in Germany than it does in China. Italian pizza you have at your local Italian restaurant is rarely the same as the one you have in Italy. Basically because foods and drinks are tailored to meet the specific preferences of each country. Just make a simple experiment on your next trip, try the Coca Cola drink in your country and the one they sell in the country you visit. You most likely will notice the difference!

Same with large fast-food chains! I love McDonald’s salads in Romania, I hated them in the US. I hated Burger King in Turkey, loved it in other countries. I used to go to Pizza Hut once a month, I went once in Toronto and I still regret it.

What does this have to do with travel? It’s simple, when you’re traveling, just because you know and like a brand in your home country, it really does not mean you will like it in another country you are visiting. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s wise to go there prepared, cause nothing makes a trip worse than a disappointment that could have easily been prevented!