World’s Most Famous Historic Casinos and Their Evolution

Casinos are the place to go for excitement, colorful nightlife, and sometimes a hope to win everything. Beyond the shows and the game tables, some of the world’s most famous casinos come with rich history and interesting tales. Here are the most famous historic casinos around the world:


Photo of the Monte Carlo Casino by Fruitpunchline via Wikipedia.

The World’s Oldest Casino

To experience this gem, you’ll have to travel to Venice, Italy. Here you’ll find Casino di Venezia, self-proclaimed world’s oldest casino. It dates back to 1638 and it currently has two venues, of which Ca’ Vendramin Calergi on the Grand Canal dates back to the early 16th century. French and American tables, as well as slot machines will introduce you to the world of gambling while admiring one of the most beautiful and romantic cities on the Planet.

The Other World’s Oldest Casino

Yes, you got it, they are still debating who holds the title. Documents place the beginning of Casino de Spa in Belgium in 1769. With mix of traditional and modern gambling options, Casino de Spa also holds its own poker tournament. Casino de Spa had to face obstacles right from the start, as a change in mayors and politics delayed its completion (it was designed in 1763, and building works started soon after). Two decades later, gambling was banned in Belgium, and in the early 20th century it almost burned to the ground.

The Monte Carlo Casino (Formerly World’s Oldest…)

Officially, Casino de Monte-Carlo, and thought to be the oldest casino in the world (until Casino de Spa took the title), this Monaco gem dates back to 1863 (in its current location), which also houses the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo and the Monte Carlo ballet. It started as a way for the save the royal House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy and over the years turned into so much more!

The Best Casino in the World

If you think you’ll find this one in the USA, in Macau, or in some other destination known for its gambling, you’d be wrong. The world’s best casino is quite strict with its dress code and you’ll have to travel to Baden-Baden in Germany to find it. It became famous because famous people loved it. Marlene Deitrich, who prided herself to have seen all the casinos in the world, stated Casino Baden-Baden was the best. Famous Russian writer Dostoyevsky also developed his very own gambling addiction here while writing while writing The Gambler.

The Online Casino Today

Nowadays, some gamblers don’t want to travel in those famous casino places because of hectic schedules and modern world as well. Many online casino bookmarkers currently contribute to the history of the evolution of casino. Online casino changes the traditional casino into contemporary casino, which is a normal trend in the world.  Unlike before, you need to physically be there in a casino to play but now just one click away and you can access the world of casino.

We know that United Kingdom has a significant history of gambling and has a lot of betting shops in most places.  As of now, most bookmakers and websites offer games that are associated from the UK.  So we can say that United Kingdom also contributes to the history of casino now and then.