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When You Want to See the Best of London

25 July 2016 When You Want to See the Best of London While there may be some people that go to London often for business or for leisure, for many travelers it can be a once in a lifetime experience. If this ... read more

Things Worth Tasting, Trying, or Learning at the Source

27 January 2014 Some things can be experienced or tasted anywhere in the world. But there are those unique activities that are better done at the source, things worth traveling across and around ... read more

Sardinian Treasures Agriturismo Ca’ La Somara

10 July 2010 Sardinian Treasures Agriturismo Ca' La Somara If you’re visiting the beautiful island of Sardinia and are looking for a green retreat that’s quiet, relaxing, breathtakingly gorgeous, friendly, inspirational and also has donkeys and a cool pool, ... read more

Travel, Culture and the Taste of Food

19 November 2009 Did you notice how a country-specific cuisine tasted differently in said country and abroad? Chinese food tastes differently in Germany than it does in China. Italian pizza you have at ... read more

My Dream Vacation – Oludeniz, Turkey

21 July 2008 What is a Dream Vacation? It’s a masterpiece of Travel Wizards, the kind of vacation that you enjoy so much, you speak about it years and years after coming back. ... read more

Who’s Better At Coming up with the Perfect Trip: You or an Agency?

4 July 2008 There are three possibilities when it comes to travel planning: (1) do it all yourself, (2) have an agency arrange lodging and transportation and worry about what to do ... read more

Spell to Choose The Best Online Hotel Booking Site

28 June 2008 There are dozens of hotel booking sites available online. Some are general, and you can find a hotel in every country of the world, some are region specific, built around ... read more