Airline Passengers Would rather Go without Wi-Fi than Pay for it

People want their Wi-Fi service during their flight to be free as a latest survey from Holiday Extras discovered. Over 4,000 travelers were queried for this survey, and 84% of them said they don’t want to pay extra to have Wi-Fi during their flight. In fact, 25% of them consider that this service is becoming more and more like a human right, therefore to pay for it it would be inappropriate.

62% of the respondents don’t feel that Wi-Fi access would spoil their flight the study also revealed. But there are some people among those questioned that feel they would make better use of their time if Wi-Fi access came as standard. 27% of men and 23% of women feel this way.

However, the interesting part is that people are rather ambivalent when it comes to the impact of the internet over the actual flight time. Travelers said they wouldn’t check their emails for instance when eating or while watching a movie. However, 10% of the queried people said they wouldn’t be able to relax knowing there’s a new email in their inbox and they are not checking it. 28% of those surveyed expressed their concern that people working all around would ruin in fact the overall holiday atmosphere in the airplane.


”There is undoubtedly an appetite for internet connectivity on planes but price could be the stumbling block,” said James Lewis, Head of Partnerships for Holiday Extras.

As with all things, if the service is really good then there will always be enthusiastic takers. So the service needs to be as speedy, or faster than people are used to at home.

Of course, airlines need to be sure that the cost of providing Wi-Fi on board can be justified; there’s no doubt that it’s a necessity for business travellers, but most holidaymakers like to utilise the time before the flight and the flight itself to get into the holiday mood – making the most of their valuable leisure time.”

Of course there is the question of flight duration. A 2-3 hour flight is very different from being on a plane for 12 hours — especially since it can be quite difficult to sleep on an airplane. It is true however that going online is not everyone’s preference and seeing people working isn’t really something you would perhaps want to be exposed to, but in the end people have various priorities and ways to pass the time.

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