American Airlines Cancels 400 flights in Dallas-Fort Worth

American Airlines and its regional carrier, American Eagle, were forced to cancel nearly 400 flights at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport this morning due to a winter storm in the Dallas area, relates a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article.

The cancellation solely amounts to a cut of about 20% of American’s daily operations, but there is hope to go back to the normal flight schedule throughout the day as the storm subsides.

“We’re anticipating a slow build through the day,” American spokesman Ed Martelle said. “Everything appears to be in good shape at D/FW. They got out early and did what they needed to do.”

American Airlines were not the only air carrier forced to cancel flights today. Southwest Airlines also canceled 40 departures at Love Field in Dallas early this morning, but expects to resume normal operations later in the afternoon.

“We are operating but it’s a very restricted small operation right now because of deicing,” said Southwest spokeswoman Olga Romero. “We expect to get back to our normal operations in the afternoon. Of course, it all depends on the weather.”

Airport representatives said they had pre-treated the runways and that all airlines are running abbreviated schedules this morning.

“D/FW has seven de-icing pads aligned and ready, and the airlines are de-icing every departure this morning,” said airport spokesman David Magana.