Best Accommodation Options in London for Travelers

London accomodations

London is one of the most-visited cities in the world. It’s also one of the most expensive places to stay in. Travelers looking for an authentic taste of the city might want to avoid the usual tourist hotels. Fortunately, London is full of alternative accommodation options. Here are several options to consider when you are visiting the city:

Consider a Homestay

A homestay would be one of the most intimate ways to experience London. With this option, travelers would be lodging with a local family, who will host them during their stay. You can arrange your meals with the family and even visit local restaurants with them.

This is also a great way to get to know the people of London, as well as its famous landmarks better. Homestays are highly affordable options compared to staying at a hotel. It would also introduce tourists to the hospitality of the locals, which is certainly more difficult to experience at hotels.

Rent an Apartment

Don’t like the lack of privacy and small-ness of tourist hotels in the city? Travelers can instead consider renting an apartment in the city. There are excellent options like serviced apartments in Canary Wharf where you can enjoy features like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and sweeping views of the city.

An apartment will give you the feel of living in a home away from home. This is ideal for people traveling in groups or a family. Cost-wise, renting an entire flat and cooking your own meals would be far more affordable than staying at a hotel.

Stay at a Hostel

Hostels are the most affordable option for travelers visiting London on a budget. A bed can be rented at a very low price in a hostel compared to other types of accommodation available in the city. Hostels are typically preferred by students, backpackers, and solo travelers. However, some hostels cater to families as well.

The services you can enjoy at hostels will vary depending on where you stay. In most places, you would have to cook your own meals. Hostels are the perfect place to socialize with other travelers and avoid the anonymity of hotels.

Pay for a Room at a Pub

It doesn’t get more local than staying in a pub. Tourists can do more than enjoy a pint at the famed local pubs in the city. Some pubs offer travelers a place to stay in addition to great beer and food. You could rent a room in a pub to enjoy excellent in-house meals. This will also give you the opportunity to meet lively locals who will surely keep you entertained throughout your stay.

London pubs are also located in convenient areas where you will have access to the most popular tourist attractions. Pub stays can be as intimate as homestays. The cost of a pub stay can vary depending on the pub you choose.

Try a Local Bed and Breakfast

Do you want to enjoy the amenities of a hotel without the hefty price tag? Then consider staying at a local B&B, arguably one of the most affordable accommodation options in London. The city is brimming with small, family-run B&Bs that offer wonderful meals and rooms with beautiful views of the city.

You may miss out on some amenities that hotels offer, but you can enjoy full service during your stay. There are B&Bs located in the verdant suburbs of London, if you want to enjoy your London stay in a quieter area.

London is one of the oldest cities in the world, and a great place to visit. You can enjoy your trip even more by choosing one of the above-listed accommodation options.