How to Play Safe Online, Online Gaming Security Tips – while you are Traveling

Travel security

Online gaming is fun and one of the most important forms of entertainment when you are out traveling. I love playing multiplayer games on a casino site like Goldenslot with my friends when I am traveling, it helps me spend time with them even when I am away. I also love playing with locals and over time I have learnt that it is important to focus on your safety in the online world. Especially if you play with others in new places.

Sometimes traveling can get hectic, gaming is a good way to relieve stress or to make your day a little less boring when you are traveling or are in commute between places. There are different types of online games like simple one player games that you can play on your own and others are multiplayer games that two or more than two people can play with each other.

However, while online gaming can be fun and relaxing, it can also expose you to certain dangers – cyberbullying, online harassment, and online predators – connecting with people in a place has it’s advantages and disadvantages. I have met some great people but it is very easy to fall prey to people with malicious intentions and them being local gives them an advantage of familiarity over you.

Here are some of the safety measures you need to follow when gaming online while you are traveling:

1. Keep your true identity hidden

Identity hidden

First and foremost, it is very important to protect your identity at any given time when dealing with strangers on the internet, this becomes even more important when traveling. Always play anonymous or under an alias when traveling. In addition, your avatar should not be a real picture of you – it makes it easier to track you down through social media. Never use a username which includes your first name and/or the last name to protect yourself from being easily targeted.

2. Do not reveal any personal information

In many online games, you can talk to people through the game itself, especially multiplayer. A console network, chat site or gaming forum – there are many ways to connect with fellow players and plan your missions. You can also talk through an instant messenger, a headset, or video chat – live while playing to strategize the game.

You should not, under any circumstances, reveal any personal information to the online community if all of them are from the area and you are new to the place. This includes things like phone numbers and addresses of the hotel you are staying, or the activities you will be taking part in.

3. Use VPN


Using a VPN is always a great idea, why it is more important when traveling is that you will probably be using WiFi from various places. This leaves your system vulnerable to Man in the Middle attack. Where in an attacker can eavesdrop to your data being sent and received making it easier for them to steal information.

Final Thoughts:

Protecting yourself while traveling in the sense of the online world boils down to not giving away your personal information and using secure channels for playing online or browsing the internet.