When You Want to See the Best of London

Buckingham Palace

While there may be some people that go to London often for business or for leisure, for many travelers it can be a once in a lifetime experience. If this is you then you want to make sure you take the time to plan out your trip so you can be sure to see everything you want while you are there. London has some very exciting and fun places that you can go to, even if you are just traveling to the city for business and going to Hammersmith.  Before you even fly into London Heathrow Airport you want to think about some of the best things for you to see in London, such as:

  • Buckingham Palace – No trip to London ever really seems complete without taking the time to go to Buckingham Palace. The current home of the royal family houses so much history and beauty of its own that it is a must see for any traveler. While touring the palace can be a real treat, there are great things to see just outside of it as well. Many people love to look at the gardens on the grounds while others love to come to watch the Changing of the Guard. While you are there you can also go right nearby to London Eye and have fun in that area. 
  • The West End – The London West End is one of the areas of the city that combines a little bit of everything for everyone. Some of the top attractions in the city are found in this part of Central London, like Harvey Nichols and Hammersmith. You can also find some of the best entertainment here, with many of the top musicals, plays and shows along with night clubs, cinemas and restaurants all located right here. 
  • Shopping – What trip to London would be complete without taking some time to do some amazing shopping? You can explore places like Sloane Street, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, the Westfield Shopping Centre and the many local shops all over the city so you can go back home with finds from top designers or items that you may only be able to get from one of the unique shops located in the area.

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