Hong Kong Shopping Guide

hong kong

Hong Kong claims the foremost shopping centers in Asia with all kinds of shops standing in every single space of this huge city. Now, you can book flights to Hong Kong from Boston, online through Cathay Pacific and shop for everything under a single sky, from flowers to gold fish including textiles, electronics, eateries, fashion, antiques and many more. 

1. Mongkok.

This must be the dream of footwear lovers. You can find shoes in each and every popular brand including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Converse and many more. Although Mongkok delivers the latest brands of sneakers and Climbing Shoes, they are sold at lower prices than that of Singapore! Mongkok sells sporting goods and accessories as well. Imagine how worthy it is to buy a pair of branded shoes for a price less than $10, a dress for $8 and a camera for $3. You will find Mongkok as one of the world’s densely populated areas.

Opening hours: 11AM- 11PM

2. Temple Street.

This is one of Hong Kong’s busiest markets. The must-go-to place to buy handicrafts, tea sets, jade articles, trinkets, antiques, T-shirts and embroidered Chinese jackets. But you must be smart and cunning enough to overcome the bargaining vendors who sell the same product at different prices. I suggest you browse around this temple street even if you are not interested in shopping. So that you can enjoy the taste of street foods among this buzzing atmosphere. Have you ever read your future before? Don’t worry if your answer is no. Because you can have your future be read by palm readers in Temple Street. I advise you to enter Temple Street when the sun goes down, as it becomes a festival with lit up lights and most of the traders lay out their items during the sunset. Opera singers will make the whole Temple Street a theatre.

Opening hours: 4PM- 12AM

3. Granville Road.

If fashion is the bloodline of today’s world, Granville Road will be the blood bank. I will call Granville Road as “The Fashion Street”, because this is the place where you can find affordable and trendy fashions with some best choices from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. You will have the chance to get dressed as your favorite Asian Beauty. Since there are also more than 20 factory outlet stores stood among the boutiques you must handle your eyes very carefully. Cosmetics and clothing items are available at low cost.

Opening hours: 10AM- 11PM

4. Cat Street.

One of the most interesting corners of Hong Kong. The perfect place to buy souvenirs is Cat Street. The much demanded souvenirs are postcards, Chinese ceramics and text free items. You will feel like you visited a museum as Cat Street owns many valuable antiques which date back many years.  Among them ancient relics, jewelries, Mao statues and little red books are foremost. I strictly advise you to be smart when shopping here. By the way don’t forget to try a noodle bowl with the chopsticks, which will make you more cheerful.

Opening hours: 10AM- 6PM. Closed on Sundays.

5. Ladies Street.

And yet this is another packed market but a paradise for women. But you gentlemen guys don’t give up as you can still make it your paradise too by performing your bargaining skills to get the maximum use of your money. And you girls make sure to bring your shopping buddies to increase your discount. As 50% discounts are applied only if you buy more than 4 items. So buy more to rise up your discount. Clothes for both men and women, toys, electronics, wallets, bags, cheap jewelry and souvenirs are only a handful of items sold in Ladies Street. While you wander around, the street foods like Barbecued Octopus and Pork intestines are there to refuel you. Note that you double check every item before purchasing.

Opening hours: 12PM- 12AM

6. SOGO.

This is the largest Japanese-style department store in Hong Kong. It mostly sells international items like European fashion brands, cosmetics, skin care products, leather goods, electrical appliances, jewelry and home supplies. It is a collection of stores with a supermarket in each store. The latest Japanese trends are the most famous among all.

Opening hours: 10AM- 10PM

7. Apliu Street Flea Market.

Hong Kong is world famous for gizmos and gadgets. Apliu flea market is the perfect place where you can purchase them. You will find your dream mobile phone together with cameras, eye phones, SIM cards, tablets and photography equipment. The special feature is that you are able to buy second hand items as well. The manual typewriters on sale are best as a home decor. All of them are available at very attractive prices. So don’t forget to at least walk in this market as it is worthy to have even a glance at these newest electrical goods. 

Opening hours: Noon- Midnight.

8. Golden Computer Arcade.

If you are a home gamer, Golden Computer Arcade is the must go site of yours. All the parts you need to construct your dream computer can be purchased from here under affordable prices. Those who look for graphic cards, RAM, sound cards, hard disks, monitors as well as main boards should log in to this arcade. The gaming area arranged on the first floor will lose your mind in a world of games. I think it is better to ask for some free accessories like casings and screen protectors if you get unable to win a discount on those games.

Opening hours: 10AM- 10PM.