Beautiful Islands To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination in South-East Asia and it attracts a large number of tourists to its long seashore. There are a number of beautiful islands in Vietnam. You can choose a few of these islands as it is not always possible to visit each and every one of them. However, one must absolutely visit the following five as they are very beautiful and hugely popular among the tourists.

Con Son: Lovely

Con Dao – Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Con Dao is actually an archipelago that has more than 16 islands and attracts a large number of tourists for its pristine blue beaches and white sand seashore. You can enjoy a variety of food here like different types of snails and fish at very low prices. You can cook the seafood dishes by yourself to save a lot of money.

Sun set - Con Dao - Viet Nam

Phu Quoc Island – Kien Giang

The Phu Quoc Island is the largest island in Vietnam and also the largest one in the archipelago of Thailand Bay which consists of 22 islands. This island, also known as the Pearl Island, is a favorite destination among tourists as it has a rich abundance of beaches, streams and amazing waterfalls.

Ganh Dau jarbor, Phu Quoc Island

Fish Island – Nghe An

The Fishland is a collection of big and small sized islets that located in the middle of the sea around 4km from the shore. The biggest islet is 133m high and the small islet is around 88m above sea level. The tourists can enjoy bathing in the sea and enjoy the fresh air. Generally people indulge in sightseeing activities by boat, visit the fishing farm and the Thuong and Ha pagodas.

Snorkeling near Phu Quoc

Ly Son Island – Quang Ngai

Ly Son is the coastal commune which consists of three islands – Big Island, Small Island and Mu Cu. The island was founded almost 25 million years ago and it has a unique 5 mouth volcano. The visitors to this island get charmed by the presence of huge minerals that comes in different shapes and the desert beaches. The food here is very unique and delicious and one must not leave the island without tasting the great food.

Vinpearl Land – Nha Trang

The Vietnamese Pearl or Vinpearl Land is a tourist site that is known for its sheer luxury. The blue beaches and the white sands attract tourists in large numbers but the real attraction is the game center which is a favorite among all visitors. This island generally attracts the affluent tourists from all over the world.

Best swimming pool in South East Asia - Vinpearl

A trip to Vietnam will not be complete without visiting the mesmerizing islands. Unlike the islands in Thailand, the Vietnam islands have not received a great amount of coverage in travel guides but they are beautiful in their own right. Anyone who leaves this Asian country without visiting one of its islands will be making a gross mistake. They are really beautiful and at least a couple of days should be earmarked for the island tours in Vietnam. The best method would be approach a travel agency that deals in Vietnam tours and passport service and ask them for a guided tour of these awesome islands.

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