The Best of the Canary Islands

Guest post by Heather James

The Canary Islands are renowned for being a Mecca for tourists who have certain needs. Traditionally, people who visit the Canary Islands are looking for sun bathing weather and beer on tap. However, more people are discovering the hidden side to these magnificent islands. Check out these hot spots in the Canaries and enjoy a fresh experience.

Isla de la Palma, Canary Islands 1992

Tenerife is a great mish- mash of tourism and outstanding natural beauty. This island gives the best of both worlds. A great place to experience some of the more traditional tourist fare is at Los Gigantes. Yes, there are plenty of bars and restaurants. It is an easy place to catch up with the sports results. However, if you look a little closer there are some magnificent reasons to visit this area of Tenerife. There are huge volcanic cliffs standing proudly at the shore. Wild dolphins swim past and if you have a snorkel mask handy, you might just see a turtle gliding past. There are traditional restaurants, bakeries and crafts shops juxtaposed with the tourist shops. Check out the fisherman’s cafe on the tiny beach serving delicious treats. There is even a natural pool in a terrific position halfway up the cliffs.

Wild Dolphin

La Gomera is a really great place to visit if you are looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of Tenerife. It is a small island off the Costa Adeje in Tenerife. La Gomera is a volcanic island that has the most incredible gorges and peaks. For nature junkies, this is the place to explore. It is possible to walk around the island on numerous paths.

There are many microclimates dotted around but the best thing about La Gomera is the rainforest that thrives there. This is a beautiful island, unique in history, culture, as well as geology. Do not miss this fantastic hidden gem.

La Piragua en La Gomera

Lanzarote threw itself wholeheartedly into the tourism boom that kicked off in the 1970’s. The image that the island holds today is that it is a great place to sunbathe and party. The secret that is starting to surface in Lanzarote is the wonderful artistic heritage that is held within the island. There is a history of sculpture that is little known to outsiders with the best works scattered around the island by Cesar Manrique. Cesar learned from international artists, including Andy Warhol. His work is not to be missed but use a rental car in Lanzarote (for more information click here) to access the more remote areas, as well as the astonishing Jardin de Cactus.

César Manrique Foundation

The secret to finding the inner beauty that these beguiling islands hold is to get your walking shoes on and ditch the comfort of the all-inclusive hotel. The islands hold much more interesting activities and landscapes than many people believe. The Canary Islands have been tarred with the same brush as the Costa del Sol but unfairly so. There are no rainforests on the mainland of Spain, and the dolphin community seem to prefer the Canary Islands. Of course, there is a fantastic reason to visit the Canary Islands that have has not yet been mentioned: the glorious weather which is present all year round.