5 Practical Tips for Travelling in Tokyo

A Tokyo holiday promises an exotic experience, where the sushi is fresh, cultures clash and technology soars. As a result, landing in Tokyo can be overwhelming at the best of times, let alone after a long flight and tired eyes. These five practical travel tips can help you avoid getting lost in translation.

Avoid jetlag

Flights to Tokyo can take around 10 hours from Australia and 12hrs from the UK and USA.  As such, the long-haul flight can induce every traveller’s worst enemy – jetlag.  If you can, try and avoid experiencing jetlag by adjusting your watch and body clock to Japan time as soon as you get on the flight. Eat breakfast when its 8am in Japan and only nap when they are experiencing night time. Working to adjust your body clock early on will help ease you into the time difference and help you to enjoy your Tokyo holiday sooner.

Have you luggage delivered

After your Tokyo flight, the last thing you’ll want to do is lug your baggage around a foreign city to reach your hotel — particularly when it involves navigating the subway system to reach the city. To avoid the hassle, opt to have your luggage delivered to your hotel by one of the numerous delivery companies located at the airport.

Rent a phone

If you need a phone during your stay in Tokyo, consider renting a handset at the airport or train station. Many tourists opt to rent a phone as the prices are quite competitive and it is simple to return the phone to the airport before your flight back home. Also, remember to get a VPN service for Tokyo to use all streaming services.

Learn the language

You’ll at least need to learn the basics when you first land in Tokyo.  A simple ‘thankyou’ never goes astray, particularly when passing through immigration and customs so make sure you learn the phrase ‘domo arigato.’ Can’t find the train station? The word for train station is ‘eki.’

Master the Subway

With colourful lines zig zagging everywhere, Tokyo’s subway map may seem a little overwhelming at first. Just remember, if you get off at the wrong stop it’s incredibly easy to just hop back on the next train to find your way. You’ll never have to wait long either. Once you get the hang of it the subway system it is incredibly quick and easy to get around. Keep an ear out for the station announcements on the train and try and avoid the crowds during peak hour if you can.

About the Author :

Lauren Burvill is a copy writer for Flight Centre and recently travelled to Tokyo for Japan Fashion Week.