Take A Road Trip To Mekedatu And Sangam For Complete Rejuvination Of Body, Mind And Soul

Take A Road Trip To Mekedatu And Sangam

Travelling is something totally exotic and is a process of learning and growing somehow. Travelling is no doubt stressful and hectic but the time we spent during the travel is really worth everything. One of the best ways to travel is by taking up a road trip, road trips are basically the best because you get to explore a lot of things. You get to know about the beautiful streets, taking out time and spending on the roadside dhabas, exploring the highway way to reach a place and many more things. Road trips are fun, entertaining and generally short. One such awesome road trip can be done to Mekedatu and Sangam. These places are near Bangalore and Mysore. You can opt for Mysore car rental service, if you don’t know how to drive. The way leading to the place is amazingly beautiful and you would love the entire journey. Check out this space for knowing the details about this road trip and what you can do while being on this road trip.


Mekedatu is a very famous tourist spot near Bangalore and is only 194 km from the place. The ever so gorgeous river Kauveri passes through a narrow gorge through this place. The actual meaning of Medekatu in Tamil is ‘goat’s leap’ which states that even a goat can leap or jump onto the other bank easily. The place is open for the visitors and calls out the explorers throughout the year.

Take A Road Trip To Mekedatu And Sangam


There are two routes which can be followed to take a road trip to Mekedatu and Sangam. The first route to Mekedatu from Bangalore is via Kanakapura road. The second route is via the Mysore road. You can go to these places by your own private vehicles or you can also hire the buses which you can get on the regular basis from Bangalore.

Take A Road Trip To Mekedatu And Sangam


The best time to visit Mekedatu and Sangam is during the winters that are from the months of October to March. During the summers, you cannot enough of the beauty of the place because the rivers are generally dry. During the monsoons, it is highly advisable to not visit the place as the rocks get extremely slippery and to avoid any kind of mishaps, one must save their dates only for the winters for the best visit.


While you are on a road trip to Mekedatu and Sangam, you can visit the other places like Shivanasamudra falls and Kallahalli Sri Srinivasa temple which is in Kanakpura. The total distance which would be covered for this entire round trip is around 300 km. And the ideal time depends on you but 10 hours is more than enough after visiting all the places.

Take A Road Trip To Mekedatu And Sangam


The famous Chunchi waterfalls are also something which is recommended to pay a visit while you are on a road trip to Mekedatu and Sangam. The falls are on the river Arkavathi and it is really beautiful and if you are near to this place, do not miss out on visiting this beauty. It is just 14 km from Sangam. The water is extremely clean and you will be really rejuvenated after spending some quality time here in close context with nature. The place is serene, clean and beautiful. The place is not much crowded and you will enough space to enjoy the beauty in those calm and peaceful vibes.

Take A Road Trip To Mekedatu And Sangam


The gorge which flows over the river Kaveri is amazing to view. It makes a great picturesque place and you cannot simply miss out on its beauty. The amazing rock-cut structure is something to look at closely and enjoy the natural architecture.

Take A Road Trip To Mekedatu And Sangam

The road trip from Bangalore is scenic and pretty and also you will come across to various small huts and villages which are not so picturesque and calm.

Altogether the road trip to these places is amazing and you will come across some really beautiful natural things which you will surely like. One can take a day off and enjoy the ride to these places and click lots of pictures and come back. It is also a perfect escape if you want to leave behind the city life. For all the people who love riding their bikes and cars, the highway is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the scenic bike rides.