5 Tips for Fun and Effective Shopping Vacations

5 Tips for Fun and Effective Shopping Vacations

There is nothing like shopping abroad! The mere fact that you discover both the stores and the nice things to buy somehow beats the local experience of finding yourself in front of the same windows you see every week. There’s the thrill of not knowing exactly where you’re headed and bumping into another cute little gem around every corner.

Yet shopping vacations require some preparations – the best season to shop, a budget, including your travel expenses and not ending up by paying a fortune for an item that’s virtually worthless. Here are a few tips to help you make the best out of your next shopping getaway!

Discount seasons will always be the best

Those few weeks at the end of every season when prices go down is what pulls most shoppers to highly commercial spots. Why have one cute dress when you can get three for the same amount? Why not indulge and get an extra pair of shoes or another smooth and trendy notebook bag?

The best thing about end-of-season shopping is that travel prices are also lower than usual. With one season ending and the other one just starting, you’re not there exactly in travel peak window. Saving on your hotel booking or your plane trip will mean only one thing: more of your budget dedicated to shopping.

Pack light on your trip to the shopping destination

Just grab what’s really necessary and leave the rest at home. Think space before anything. Everything you buy on your trip will need to fit in you bag when you go back home. You cannot leave anything behind! Take comfy shoes and clothes, as you will be doing a lot of walking and a lot of trying on. You need to still be able to walk after the first half of the day.

Don’t start buying immediately

Unless you’ve been here a few times in the past year, don’t rush into buying stuff the moment you arrive at your destination. Take a few hours to get a feel of the place, check prices and make sure you don’t spend half of your one-week-shopping vacation in the first afternoon there!

5 Tips for Fun and Effective Shopping Vacations

Avoid the largest cities

While it might be tempting to choose the largest city and shop on the most popular fashion streets of the world, you might very well find the same things in less impressive cities (shopping-wise). You will try to elbow your way through less people, look for what you like at your own pace and more often then not pay less.

If however you want at least of few reminders from the cities that set worldwide fashion trends, mix and match! Spend a few days to your heart’s desire and then take shopping quick trips to nearby destinations that fit the profile I have just sketched.

Remember it’s not all about shopping

Yes, you’ve taken that vacation to shop till you drop. But the truth is you’re probably surrounded by beautiful buildings, relaxing cafes, stunning art galleries, thrilling amusement parks and intriguing museums. Try to squeeze some of these touristic venues into your busy shopping schedule.

Relax, have fun and happy shopping!