What you Should Know About Beaches and Beer

With summer coming up, many people are already feverishly making their plans to get to the beach. These trips are often the little getaways that allow us to keep our sanity throughout the rest of the year, and because of this, most people enjoy having a few beers while relaxing on the sand. It’s important to remember, though, that fun trips to the beach take a little planning and a little responsibility. With just a bit of forethought, everyone can have a blast this summer while responsibly enjoying their brewski.

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Personal Vacation vs Beach Party

There are several advantages of heading out to the coast on one’s own, but then again, there are an abundance of reasons to enjoy the trip with friends. Heading out by oneself and the family is a bit more relaxing. A few beers can be enjoyed without the peer pressure of getting overly intoxicated. Additionally, a person will only have to worry about getting themselves back to their lodging, so there are not qualms about friends possibly getting DUIs.


Beach parties, on the other hand, are just flat out fun. We all know the feeling of freedom that we can get simply from watching a movie, like Point Break or American Pie 2, where a fun time on the sand is enjoyed by all. The only thing to worry about is keeping the party relatively peaceful. It’s the middle of a beach, and a public area, so if anyone loses control or causes a ruckus, it may warrant a visit by the police. It’s best to check local ordinances and ensure that certain areas are even open to large gatherings and consumption of beer.

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Planning a Beach Party

Planning a personal trip to the beach doesn’t involve too much, but planning a beach party can become very time-consuming. It’s important to first find a beach that is just perfect for the party. Checking for areas that already have grills and other facilities is a good start.

Additionally, it’s time to make the age old decision: case or keg? Cases and kegs of beer have their own pros and cons, but in reality, it usually comes down to just how many people will actually be at the party. Most importantly, however, don’t forget to send invites to your friends well in advance. Heck, get creative and use a Sharpie to put them on deflated beach balls.

Beer, Beaches and Open Container Laws

One of the biggest considerations for your beach trip, whether it’s personal or a gathering, is whether or not drinking is even allowed. Open container laws vary all over the United States, and what is nothing more than a person enjoying a beer on the beach in one town can turn into a criminal charge in another. It doesn’t hurt to check online or even call a local bar to find out what the specific rules for beer on the beach are in a certain area.

Keep in mind that beer on the beach laws can vary even within a state. In Florida, for instance, many parts of the Panhandle and a few other counties allow drinking on the beach, but most areas have actually outlawed the practice with open container laws. If there are any questions, it would be wise to contact an advocate such as an Orlando DUI attorney, or the local Department of Motor Vehicles. These laws are often touted to prevent public indecency and DUI, but possibly, it’s just a case of punishing law-abiding citizens for the unacceptable acts of a select few. Regardless, it’s imperative to always follow local law.

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A little responsibility goes a long way in making a trip to the beach both fun and safe. A few beers go hand in hand with relaxing on the sand, and as long as all laws in an area are followed, there’s no reason why everyone can’t have a great time! While it’s illegal to drink and drive, and can easily result in a DUI, open container laws will vary by state and even locale. This is why preplanning, including checking in on local laws, is so important before a water’s edge vacation.

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With summer tourists in mind, writer and traveler Teresa Stewart shares these helpful tips to ensure any beach and beer events are safe, successful and without incident.  In the event of a mishap, contact an attorney such as Orlando DUI attorney Katz & Phillips, P.A. to understand your options. With their years of DUI experience, they can sort out the charges to make sure you have the best possible outcome.

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