Under the Radar Tips When Traveling Abroad

Traveling is an exciting thing, and even those who are doing so for business can usually find pleasant little escapes to make the trip worthwhile. While any trip can be exciting, traveling abroad can be especially wonderful. It’s important to be prepared for these trips. Everyone usually knows the “make a copy of your passport” and “let your bank know you’ll be out of the country” tips, but the most important preparations that a person can make are often some of the most overlooked ones.

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Security Tips

Everyone knows that crimes can happen anywhere in the United States, and this holds true for foreign countries as well. Due to the fact that laws and policing agencies around the globe may be far different from those in the States, it’s important to take a few safety measures.

An important thing a person should remember is, if they’re Canadian, it’s smart to tell anyone who asks (outside of border agents and airport staff) that they’re from America’s neighbor to the north. Unfortunately, some foreign individuals blame all Americans for certain international actions of past or current administrations. However, not too many people dislike Canadians, and most Americans could easily pass for their Canadian brothers.

Additionally, an individual should register with the Department of State before leaving. This will allow the agency to contact them in case of an emergency, but it will also allow the U.S. to react more quickly if a citizen ends up in trouble overseas. This should be at the top of every traveler’s to-do list.

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Accident Preparation

One of the most forgotten preparation tips when traveling abroad is accident preparation. Accidents can happen anywhere. Just imagine if a person is injured outside of the country through the negligence of a motor coach driver or because of an equipment failure on a helicopter tour ride. This would lead to medical bills and possible hospital admittance in facilities far from home. If this were to happen, researching your legal options online, like at DoyleRaizner.com, is a great way to see what the law says and what your rights are. Most law firms will provide a free initial consultation and will explain these rights and how they can help you with your case.

A person should always get traveler’s insurance and medical evacuation insurance before leaving for their trip. This will ensure medical care if they’re faced with huge hospital bills. If, like in the aforementioned examples, another person is at fault for an accident, an injured traveler would do well to find an attorney who specializes in international travel injuries in the states. This will offset most, if not all, of the medical and incidental bills a person faces after an accident.

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Little-Known Financial Tips

Everyone knows that other countries have different forms of money than that held in the U.S. Sadly, some are left having to go out of their way due to the fact that they thought their bankcard or credit card would be accepted everywhere. Even in countries where these cards are frequently used, many places only accept cash. What many travelers don’t realize, however, is that they should refrain from getting money at financial conversion centers. These businesses usually charge large premiums. It’s much more economical to simply use an ATM to get local money out.

Traveling abroad is really a life event, so it’s important for a person to do everything in their power to make sure that it goes smoothly. Something such as no cash or an injury, which may just be a minor nuisance in the States, can be disastrous when overseas. Luckily, with just a bit of forethought and a few proactive measures, a person can greatly increase the chances that they’ll have an enjoyable vacation.

About the author
Lisa Coleman is a writer who enjoys traveling abroad and shares her knowledge about doing so in an effort to help others prepare to travel more efficiently. She shares these tips as a reminder and stresses the importance of knowing your rights when going overseas. Briefly research the matter by contacting knowledgeable attorney Doyle Raizner LLP, or researching online at website DoyleRaizner.com, where you can get informed advice and information for free about your rights will help prepare you for your upcoming departure.