Heineken Drops Adventure Travelers in Remote Locations and Wants Them to Get Home

heinekenIf you love sports and adventure and not just your every day lay in the sun vacation, you will love Heineken’s new global campaing called Voyage. It’s pretty much a campaign showing you how a chosen person is snatched from their comfort zone and thrown somewhere in the world, left to fend for themselves. The tricky part is they don’t always have what they need with them. For example, imagine someone being dropped off on a glacier in Alaska with a giant life-ring, a tuxedo, and a plane ticket back home. Sounds fun to watch, right? Not so much to go through it 🙂

Heineken has developed the entire ‘Voyage’ campaign around this concept, take different men from across the world and drop them in remote global locations with the bare necessities and directions. Well, some could argue their definition of “bare necessities” is a bit unusual 🙂 But, as the slogan says, legends aren’t born, they’re dropped! You cannot stay comfy and become a legend now, can you?

Each such unusual voyage will be posted on the Internet, of course! The Dropped YouTube channel is where you can follow the adventure. You can also contribute your own video entries if you want to be dropped on your very own travel adventure. Heineken promises that each such adventure will be custom designed for the character of the protagonist, but it will force them to test their limits and face their fears. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope they make it home!

Here’s one of the videos, to get a better idea of what this whole campaign is about 🙂